Recording Studio: A Recording Adventure Part 2 is a follow on from Part 1.
Walking back to town from the land we made a drastic decision.  We would take all the money we had kept aside to build our centre down on the land and buy a house in town instead.  We looked at a few places and found an amazing place with an incredible view of “Uritorco“.
We had a few weeks until we settled the sale with the owner so we rented a place nearby.  One day my wife came running into the house, she was very excited.  She said “I just met a guy from New York City” he was playing at the local cafe “Kafka”!.  “He’s also a music producer” she continued.  This was a town of 17,000 people in the middle of rural Argentina and she had met a producer from New York City.  It was quite amazing, because of the voice in my head that was saying “New York City”.

Recording Studio: Chello Da Chance

Recording Studio Chello Da Chance

Chello Da Chance

So pretty soon I met Chello Da Chance, singer song-writer and recording studio music producer from New York City.  We had a great connection and instantly became like brothers.  Chello told me that he has a bunch of recording equipment but nowhere really to put it and create a studio.  “I just bought a house” I told him and we decided then and there to build a recording studio where we would record both of our albums.
We build a recording studio vocal booth out of the stuffing from an old futon, we had a laptop running an old version of cubase and some cheap mics.  It wasn’t great but it was enough to get us started.  My dream of recording my first album was underway. Chello and I had a ball and I was extremely fortunate to be working with such a lovely man and such an experienced one at that having played with the likes of Run DMC and the Spin Doctors in his day.