Adam Xycore

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Adam xycore

Adam Xycore is a Hungarian Music Producer who recently moved to Australia to work in our Sydney Recording Studio, Crash Symphony Productions. Adam is an excellent electronic Music Producer. He has vast experience in recording live bands. Adam has studied Audio engineering in Pécs, Hungary. He then moved to work in London for a few years before moving to Australia to work in our Sydney Recording Studio. He has moved to Sydney, Australia for its growing reputation in electronic music.
Adam is developing “hybrid” methods of recording electronic music. This is where the music is partly electronic-virtual instruments and partly live, or real, instruments. Below are some examples of Adam’s work:
These are example of Electronic/Future Bass.

The next are examples of Dance music:

These are examples of Adam’s Singer-songwriter projects:

These are some of Adam’s Classical projects:

Here are some of Adam’s experimental music project:


If you’re interested in working with Adam Xycore in our Sydney Recording Studio, Crash Symphony Productions, please contact us and we will gladly put you in contact with Adam.

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