Audiobook: ‘The Ode Less Travelled’ by Stephen Fry

What Audiobook Are We Listening To?

This week at Crash Symphony Productions, we’re listening to The Ode Less Travelled written and read by Stephen Fry. The audiobook is a fantastic format for this book, because it’s like a course or a class in poetry. It works better to listen to it than to read it, as though you were in a lecture. And because Stephen Fry is narrating what he himself wrote, and because he is a trained performer himself, it’s a perfect performance. It starts from foundations, and is written like a complete introduction, you will learn the most basics of poetry but you will also go on to learn the advanced stuff too.Fry takes your through the history of poetry, and its evolution. You are also given exercises along the way, to help solidify all the new content that you are learning, and these lessons prove to be invaluable and even better in the aural format.

Publisher’s Summary

Stephen Fry believes that if you can speak and read English, you can write poetry. But it is no fun if you don’t know where to start or have been led to believe that anything goes.
Stephen, who has long written poems, and indeed has written long poems, for his own private pleasure, invites you to discover the incomparable delights of metre, rhyme and verse forms.
Whether you want to write a Petrarchan sonnet for your lover’s birthday, an epithalamion for your sister’s wedding or a villanelle excoriating the government’s housing policy, The Ode Less Travelled will give you the tools and the confidence to do so.
Brimful of enjoyable exercises, witty insights and simple step-by-step advice, The Ode Less Travelled guides the listener towards mastery and confidence in the Mother of the Arts.

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