Audiobook: The Younger Man

Audiobook: The Younger Man by Zoë Foster Blake

Crash Symphony Productions have adapted the Zoë Foster Blake’s addictive romance as an audiobook.
After a one-night stand that constituted the best sex of her life with a man a decade her junior, Abby is content to never see him again. But when she employs a web company to re-design her embarrassingly out-of-date website, it just so happens that her one-night-stand is also their star designer. She is 33, he is 22 and determined to prove to her that age is just a number and that he’s more mature than all her Silver-foxes combined. But when a trip to Italy abruptly cuts off their romance she’s thrown into the arms of the older, silver-fox she’s been looking for. Now Abby must decide for herself if age is really that important when it comes to love.

From the feature page on Penguin Random House:

‘This easy-to-read chick lit novel is dripping in wry wit.’ InStyle
When Abby enjoys a memorable night with a delicious 22-year-old, she easily waves him out of her life the next morning. She doesn’t have time for these sorts of distractions. And he’s only 22, after all! A child.
But the charming young Marcus isn’t going to let her get away that easily. He knows what he wants and takes it upon himself to prove that age is irrelevant where the heart is concerned. Abby, though, isn’t convinced. She feels certain she should be with someone her own age, someone more impressive, someone more . . . settled.
Surely nothing can ever come of this relationship?
‘Funny, sweet and entirely lovable’ Sunday Mail

The narrator should be an actress in her early 30s to correspond with the voice and protagonist of the novel: Abby Vaughn. The narration jumps from 3rd person interior monologue to conversation quickly and often. We are mostly inside Abby Vaughn’s head.
It is light and conversational in tone. Very much a Sex & The City vibe if it were set in Sydney.