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Crash Symphony Productions is a  Recording Studio in Sydney that specialises in Voice-Over and ADR for TV, film, radio and online apps. We pride ourselves on having super high-end and vintage equipment for recording the voice, unmatched anywhere in the world. Our vocal Sydney Recording Studio capability is not limited to the Voice-Over and ADR industry; many of the best singers around come to use our facility for recording vocal tracks on their music productions.
The audio recording studio industry is constantly changing with regards to technology and the processes that are used to perform the various tasks that are required. At our Sydney Recording Studio we not only stay at the cutting edge of what is happening in the world of recording studios, but try and be the innovators of what will become the standard approaches to recording. We have done a great deal of “out-of-session” work to create various services for our clientele, like our YouTube Ready service, and our Remote Recording methods. Furthermore, we don’t forget the past. We make sure that we can offer the best of what yesterdays Recording studios had to offer, too. This might be Vinyl Record Production or Analogue Recording Studio techniques. To cater to this spectrum of service we have producers, engineers and musicians from a wide demographic that all understand their niche in the music and audio recording industry.
In our Sydney music Studio we have a Corporate Video Production Sydney service. This has been designed specifically for small businesses and companies that require excellent video content for internal training, marketing, or product presentation. The Sydney Recording Studio has taken the unique approach to video production of integrating a Green Screen capability in close proximity to the high-end recording studio equipment. This differs from the traditional approach where Green Screens are positioned away from the recording studio arena and the audio is tracked with portable systems, then relayed back to a post-production facility. Our Sydney Recording Studio has the capability of capturing extremely high-end audio whilst simultaneously filming the subject in front of the Green Screen. This ultimately leads to a very clear audio signal on a video where any backdrop can be created in front of the presenter. High quality audio with a beautiful visual finish. This is perfect for getting the message across loud and clear to your target audience. If this Corporate Video Production Sydney service is what you require you can find out more detail here.
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