Junior Producer Program

Just finished Uni or have you been fine tuning your skills at home?

We have created the Junior Producer Program. We are looking for the next big producer in Sydney. Is it you?
Find your clients, bring them in to the studio and we’ll mentor you through the production process and pay you to learn.

How to apply

Apply to adam@crashsymphony.com.au with your demos and previous work.
Please Include up to 3 demo tracks and clearly indicate which one would be your preference. It is important to apply with a minimum of one track (no more than 3) per applicant. Please note that your submission MUST be your own production work and not that of another producer. For example, if you’ve written and performed on a great recording, but it was recorded and produced by another person, this will not count. We’re looking for exceptional recording and production professionals… not artists.
Tell us a little bit about yourself and your work.

What’s this Junior Producer program all about?

We want you to start your career with us.
The idea behind the junior producer program is straight forward. Getting work in a real recording studio is extremely difficult. It’s equally difficult for recording studios to find good producer talent. We get a lot of job enquiries from people who are good producers or who have completed audio training programs but cannot find work. This will give us the opportunity to see who is up for the real challenge in today’s music industry. Dealing with real clients so that they walk away happy. The hard part about working in a recording studio is servicing real-world clients. We will help you to find your own clients, bring them into the Crash Symphony Recording facility, and then mentor you to produce their record.
You can finally kickstart your career in the music industry. Start to build a reputation in the world of music production. Every recording studio has a different array of gear, whether that be hardware or plugins. What is constant in the industry are the techniques required to pull great performances out of an artist, to build true musical trust with the artist, and to offer musical ideas that are interesting and unique. We are educating you in the ideas that you cannot learn from the classroom. These ideas are independent of the audio equipment. It is about the true art of being a music producer and how to cultivate the musical and working relationship with your artist.

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