James Englund (Head Music Producer)

  • James Englund at Crash Symphony Productions studio in Sydney
  • James Englund conducting Dave Letterman's Late Show Gospel Choir in Avatar Studios, New York City
  • James Englund with the Dave Letterman's Late Show Gospel Choir at Avatar studios, New York City
  • James Englund with US Voice coach, Richard Fink IV at 301 Studios, Sydney
  • James Englund (left) with Michael Brauer (centre) and Luke Duffy (right) at Electric Lady Studios, NYC

James Englund – Music Producer

James Englund is an Australian Music Producer and Audio Engineer. He has worked with industry greats such as John Butler, Michael Bolton and Ten CC as well as working closely with engineers and artists like Michael Brauer (4 time Grammy winner and mixer of Coldplay, John Mayer, Jeff Buckley, and more), Mike Stavrou (Sting, Elton John), Deni Hines, Erika Heynatz, Will Ackerman (multi-grammy award winning producer of Windham Hill, USA), Cookie Marenco, and more.

James also works as an audio professional and composer for screen music projects including film, documentary, TVC, Web Series and corporate promo. James is a multi-instrumentalist playing Guitar, Bass, Piano, Saxophone and an array of other instruments. He is also a highly professional vocalist/singer and a highly experienced performing artist. In 2012 James released an iPhone App called Audio Engineer, which enjoyed success being the world’s first app textbook for audio engineers, producers and home recording musicians.

James is the owner and head producer of Crash Symphony Productions recording studio.

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