Electronic Music – Pat Gillin

Pat Gillin and the Crash Symphony Team

Electronic Music

Pat Gillin is one of Australia’s most talented up-and-coming young electronic music producers. Pat has been with the Crash Symphony team for two years. In that time he has been producing and engineering all kinds of recording sessions from voice-over work through to music sessions, and more. Pat is known for his quiet attention to detail and great service to our clients.

Electronic Music

As the youngest member of team Pat is in touch with what is happening NOW in Sydney’s electronic music scene. His specialty is dance and electronic music. His techniques for these genres are cutting edge and extremely modern. Crash Symphony has provided Pat with the high-end and vintage equipment required to take his own electronic music productions to the next level. He’s been able to implement those techniques brilliantly on many of the records that he has worked on in our Sydney Recording Studio.

Music and Tertiary Education

Pat was born and raised in Sydney, Australia. After finishing his degree at Macquarie University he continued his studies at the famous School of Audio Engineering. During this time Pat took up an intern position with our company. He has since prospered as one of our most valued young engineers and electronic music producers.

Pat’s Electronic Music Production

If you are interested in Pat recording your session or producing your record please contact us here. Please take the time to listen to some of Pat’s own electronic music and hip-hop. A lot of his electronic music involves different techniques of sampling vinyl recordings, using analogue synths, and integrating these sounds with modern software. Pat is an excellent drummer who has had strong schooling in various genres from Jazz to Latin and rock. This has given him strength in the area of beat programming. He has a forte in the area of rhythm on the records that he produces for our clients.

Pat’s Electronic Music

“Life Ahead” – Pat Gillin


“Seals” – Pat Gillin


“Silence” – Produced by Patrick Gillin


Mermaid Motif REMIX ft. Prenda Blaque (Produced by Pat Gillin)


“Oliver” – Pat Gillin


“Nuance” (ft. Aana)


“Memories” – Pat Gillin


“Lunar” – Pat Gillin


“Mermaid Motif” – Produced by Patrick Gillin


“T H E N O E E F F E C T”  – Pat Gillin


“Dreams” – Pat Gillin


“Von Trapp” – Pat Gillin


“Briefcase” – Pat Gillin


“Heatwave” – Pat Gillin


“Onions” – Pat Gillin


“G 1 L L 1 N” – Pat Gillin


“Silence” – Pat Gillin


“My Baby” – Pat Gillin


“Watermark” – Pat Gillin


“Party High” – Pat Gillin


“Cruisin’ ” – Pat Gillin


“Xmas Trippin’ ” – Pat Gillin


“Daylight” – Pat Gillin