If you are an Audio Engineer, there’s a very good chance that you have thought about setting up your very own home recording studio. In this article, I will be explaining the Sound Engineering equipment that you will need to set up a basic home recording studio.


An Audio Engineer will need a computer with a high level of RAM and CPU processing power. Digital Audio Workstations require this power to be able to run smoothly without crashing. Your computer is the mothership from which your home recording studio is powered.

Digital Audio Workstation

Digital Audio Workstations (DAW) are Audio Engineering software for music production, recording, mixing and mastering. They are a must-have for any Audio Engineer as this is the software your Recording Studio will require for your Sound engineering capabilities.

Audio Interface

To achieve the best quality tracking in your home recording studio, an Audio engineer will need an Audio Interface. Audio Interfaces are the junction in which your microphones and instruments are converted into signals your computer will be able to understand.


Microphones are a fantastic addition to the audio engineers home recording studio. There are endless sound engineering avenues in voice-over, voice recordings. For this, you will need a great quality microphone.

Studio Monitors & Headphones

For the sound-treated recording studio, studio monitors are a must-have for the audio engineer as they provide an accurate representation of the sounds being heard. With that being said, headphones are an extension of the sound engineer. Headphones give a detailed frequency response that can be closely studied and tweaked by the sound engineer in the mixing process.