Producers & Sydney Recording Studios

Music Producers across Sydney Recording Studios

There are many different kinds of producers out there in the music world and the variation between production styles is the same across all the different Sydney recording studios. In this article, I hope to explain the difference between these producers, using- what I call- The Producer Triangle.

The Producer Triangle  (skill-set/style)

Think of the different producing styles being the points of an equilateral triangle. At one point of the triangle, there’s the type of producer who is in touch with the feeling and direction of the artist and has their finger on the pulse culturally; for example the famous LA producer, Rick Ruben, who has produced many of the biggest selling albums in history. At another corner there’s the musician/producer. This is someone who is talented at being a musical director and may play several instruments themselves. They can really help shape the record’s musical direction and fill in any of the musical gaps. The famous Quincy Jones (most famous for producing Michael Jackson) is a good example of a producer with this set of skills. Lastly, there’s the technology-savvy producer who seems to have full command over all the equipment and is onto the latest technology in the studio. This might be someone like Brian Eno or George Massenburg. The reality is that no producer really sits at any one extremity on this imaginary triangle. They tend to have a combination of these attributes and it’s that combination that makes them unique.

Finding Your Music Producer

For an artist who is seeking a music producer, it is important to know what they are looking for in a  producer. A good artist-producer relationship is one built on collaboration and using the complementary skills can help the project get further and be more fruitful. So, what do I mean by complementary skills? Well, let’s say an artist is highly musical and knows exactly what they want for their album. However, they have no idea how to use any studio equipment and they don’t know how to make their recordings sound cutting edge and modern – yet that’s what they want. It’s obvious that they might choose to pair up with a music producer who is strong in the technical arena and is happy to let the artist take the lead on the music front. Alternatively, the artist may be looking for someone who is an amazing project manager. Someone who can handle the budget and timeline of the project and manage all the different people that are involved in recording a studio record. In this case that artist would consider the people-person/project manager type of studio producer.

My Experience with Producers in Sydney Recording Studios

In my experience, in different Sydney recording studios, I have seen a range of different talents in music producers. Some of them have been able to play a huge number of instruments – Drums, guitar, piano, bass, saxophone, synthesisers, percussion etc. This is an awesome skill to have for artists who can’t afford a band. This means that the artist can just walk in to the studio and one person can help them lay down all the instruments. There have been other producers. who can program beats and sample music like wizards. Others that I’ve seen in Sydney recording studios, have been able to score up for strings and choirs and do a little of all that is needed on the project. Some music producers that I’ve worked with aren’t really amazing musicians or technicians but are extremely talented people-persons and project managers. They can network with and delegate tasks to the appropriate people, and really bring an air of positivity and enthusiasm to the studio.

Visit many Sydney Recording Studios to find your Producer

Sydney recording studios are loaded with many talented and professional music producers. They are all different can all bring something unique to an artist’s album. I know that my style of producing an artist is different from a lot of my other producer-friends. If you would like to learn more about my production style, you can visit my page on the Crash Symphony Productions website (look for James Englund), or take a look at my iPhone app, Audio Engineer.
In my recording studio, Crash Symphony Productions, I like to have a few different music producers available to artists. There’s no way that any one person can accommodate all the different artists and styles that we see from week to week. To all the artists out there looking for producers, especially in Sydney recording studios, remember to do your research before choosing your producer. Choosing someone based off their status in the recording industry might not always be the best indicator as to how you guys will work together. Listen to their music, read their reviews, get to know them first, ask questions. Lastly, know your own strengths and weaknesses. This will help you know what you need, to bring your art to fruition.