Recording Orchestras

At Crash Symphony Productions we are constantly recording the latest sounds and ways to treat the ears. One of which is working on digital orchestral compositions.
Recording orchestras can be very expensive and it’s often a lengthy process. If you have the budget to record great we are at your service… But having limited resources no longer has to mean giving up on that orchestral sound you need!

In-the-Box Orchestra

If an ‘in-the-box’ orchestra can sound so convincing that even the experts have trouble spotting the difference, then you can save big on employing a digital orchestra. In-the-box refers to being created in the computer with internal programs and techniques. However in our experience the lines are sometimes very blurry. For instance, we are also experimenting with hybrid methods where some of the layers of instruments are recorded and some are programmed. When a software instrument uses recorded samples to synthesise them into the desired shape it is even more difficult to try to force those into a category. Traditional recording, similarly, can end up being used in a DAW in its raw format. Tweak it a bit and it can sound like a strictly programmed composition.

The Digital Approach to Recording Orchestras

The digital approach is important to understand. Let’s examine it further. For some of you out there it can be a dismay how might seem like a mockery of the majestic classical works. I must say we at Crash Symphony are actively involved in classical recording techniques. We are not only prepared for voiceover recording; but a wide range of other services that you can see under the studio services tab. We are interested in mastering the classical techniques while exploring into the latest breakthrough wizardry in the digital world.
In our Sydney Recording Studio we recently had a quiz composed of 3 orchestral examples. The goal is to try to spot the real orchestral recording out of the 3 examples. We are getting closer and closer to a point where the digital orchestral compositions are indistinguishable from the real recordings.

Recording Orchestras for Software Purposes

Digital Orchestras are becoming a must for any serious music production facility. Let’s take a look at the various pre-Recorded Orchestras that are available on the software market. It goes without saying, some of them are extremely expensive. Undoubtedly, the more you pay the better the results.
Vienna Symphonic Library do blazingly superlative sounding orchestras. This Vienna based outfit will can supply their customers with individual instruments from the orchestra. In fact, they even do rare instruments that are no longer used in the modern orchestra. The software isn’t easy to use. This is no option for someone who just wants to plug in and play. Vienna Symphonic instruments are so versatile and realistic that it takes hours to program them properly. A serious studio composer has literally millions of possibly articulations and nuances that this mighty software can offer. Interested in learning more? Read on!

Strings Libraries

The strings can be the most difficult instruments to get right! Why? Well, the violin, viola, cello and double bass all have such enormous breadth of articulative scope. As a result there are enormous options available to the user. Staccatos, pizzicato and legato are just some of the basic articulations available in VSL that make the performance sound almost indistinguishable from the real thing. This means that every note must be individually treated in order to bring this level of realism to the listener. It requires a dedicated digital orchestral programmer to make the entire orchestra come to life. Of course, there are alternative software options for those composers who do not with to go to that detail.

LA Strings and Great Recorded Orchestra Option

LA Scoring Strings has been around for a while. This is a great option for someone who isn’t interested in going to extreme depths in their articulation capability. The learning curve is not too steep. You can be up and composing within a couple of hours, maybe even less, and have some great work to pitch.
This is also one of the cheaper options that is on the market. Some strings libraries can be very pricey and really shut out most people from having access to them. Not LA Scoring strings. We highly recommend this library if you need to through together a sketch very quickly and don’t want to mess around with too many details options. It goes without saying, we love strings in our studio. They make a huge difference to a recording and they are so cross-genre today. You’ll hear strings in hip-hop, classical and rock so make sure you master them in your box.
You can have a listen too!
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