Recording Studio: 432 vs 440 Hz Part V

Recording Studio: According to some people 440 Hz, despite being forced upon us as a music tuning pitch standard, is not in harmony with the frequency of the Earth. It is alien to us as a species.
They argue that we are part of Mother Nature, and therefore playing the brain music that isn’t tuned at this frequency over a prolonged period of time will of course make you feel out of sync.
Could this be the reason that certain types of music cause behavioural issues and intense negative emotional reactions in some people? Possibly.

Recording Studio: Can 440hz music cause Misalignment

Of course, a person might not realise that they are being affected by the frequency. Every day you hear recording studio music tuned at 440 Hz, so it is unlikely that you would stop and think, I feel quite agitated and out of sorts lately; must be all that 440 Hz music.
But the reality is that it could well be the reason for days when you can’t quite place why you feel imbalanced and misaligned with life.
Humans are a part of nature like every other animal and plant species, so it makes absolute sense that aligning your energy with the Earth will naturally make you feel more peaceful and happier.
We all know recording studio music has healing properties: Music therapists use music to help restore memory in Alzheimer’s patients, improve basic motor skills in stroke victims and help many more suffering from a range of different things.
We also know that listening to specific frequencies in concentrated amounts, entrains the brain to specific states of well-being.
And all the evidence, scientifically from nature, mathematically from music theory and endorsed by the likes of Verdi and Mozart, points towards the fact that 432 Hz is an extremely powerful tuning frequency, from which instruments should be tuned.
For this reason, we have produced our own 432 Hz binaural beats meditation, which you can use to attune your brain to the Earth’s frequency for increased well-being.
Not only will you feel a calming effect after listening, regular listening will decrease feelings of stress and anxiety and in turn promote natural healing and a deeper connection with all sentient beings and the world at large.
It’s time to tune yourself to the heartbeat of the planet.
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