Recording Studio: Cajon

The Cajon is now a very common recording studio instrument.The word Cajon is Spanish in origin and literally means crate or box or drawer. And this is exactly what a cajon is.
It’s a wooden box which is played as a drum.
Since it’s early beginnings the design of the the cajon has not changed all that much.
From the most modern up to date cajons with built in amplification and adjustable snare and bass tones to the most humble box, the cajon is still a hollow box usually made from plywood.

Recording Studio: Cajon construction

The cajon has a thin layer of plywood on one side, like the bottom of a drawer, and thicker wood to the sides and top, usually the back of the cajon has a sound hole, and simply beating on different parts of the front surface will give different sounds.

Recording Studio: Cajon Sounds

A bass drum sound can be achieved from hitting the middle of the playing surface and higher toned sound can be achieved by hitting the box closer to the top. Thus one can play the cajon box drum in a similar way as one would a bass drum and snare or toms.
This makes the box cajon a very versatile and easily transportable instrument.
Most cajons are about one foot square and 18inches tall.
The player sits on the cajon and hits the front surface.

Recording Studio: Cajon Popularity

The instrument has become very popular in recent years with acoustic bands and in the recording studi and it’s very earthy and acoustic sound fits perfectly with other acoustic instruments.
Most people can beat out a basic rhythm on a cajon very easily. But as with all musical instruments practice will bring out the best in the player and also the instrument.
Here is an amazing Cajon solo:

recording studio Cajon