Recording Studio Comfort

Recording studio Comfort is Crucial to Creative Environment

In the recording studio it is important that both the Engineers and Producers and most importantly the clients are comfortable.  Here is some tips on how to make the recording studio experience more comfortable.

Recording Studio Comfort

1. Politeness and Etiquette

The number one thing here is how you treat the clients.  Quite often the client that comes to the recording studio may be nervous so it is important to make them feel as comfortable as possible.
Being nice is a good start.  Reassurance and positive reinforcement are also high on the list.
Another tip is to have a curtain for the vocal booth that they can close if they are self conscious.

2. Climate

This one is simple.  If your studio is cold have a way to heat it (a silent way is best of course!) If it is hot, make sure you have a way to cool it like air-conditioning.  Most air-conditioning units can be outside and the cool air ducted silently into the recording studio and vocal booth. This is ideal.

3. Clean and Organised

A clean and organised environment makes for a free flow of energy.  If there are papers lying around everywhere and equipment all over the floor it can add to the stress of the environment.  Therefore it is of paramount importance to keep the recording studio environment clean and tidy

4. Chairs

The hours are long, therefore it is important to have comfortable chairs to sit on.  Preferably ones with high backs.

5. Refreshments

In a recording studio it is great to have some tea and water on hand to serve to the clients to keep them hydrated and make them feel at home.
So there you have it, anything you can do to make your studio a more comfortable place will ensure that your clients are happy!