Recording Studio Harrison

Harrison is an Australian recording artist who has just completed her debut album with our Recording  studio, Crash Symphony Productions. The album is called Plan B. The album was produced by Sydney based producer, James Englund, and was co-produced with Rod “Rocket” Owen and Harrison.

Plan B and the recording studio

Harrison is an excellent singer-songwriter, but she is also an amazing musician. In the recording studio she plays the piano and guitar, but her main instrument is drums. Actually, you could think of her like a female Phil Collins. She played all the drum tracks first on her record and set the feel for the remainder of the album. The album features love songs about heartache and breaking up, as well as people trying to find their place in the world. It’s a truly heartfelt and beautiful album for anyone that enjoys extremely high quality and honest songwriting. This is not a fast food album designed in a recording studio to be in the top 40s for a week. This album is going to be a classic and is of the quality that you’d hear from James Taylor or Carol King. It is Recording studio mastery at its finest.
Notably, once Harrison completed her album in the recording studio, she began planning a very novel approach to an “album launch”. Rather than a traditional concert she is holding a vernisage. This is like an art gallery for a music album. There are multiple stations that are dedicated to each song on the album. People can move around to each station and listen to the songs and read about the story behind the songs and how they were recorded in the recording studio. This is the first time any of our artists have done anything like this.
We hope you enjoy this wonderful album. We are proud to have our recording studio attached to this amazing Album, Plan B..