Recording studio environments aren’t exactly congruent with Covid-19. What an enclosed, indoor, air-tight, soundproof environment would be! In this article, we’re going to examine some ways that our recording studio has dealt with the Covid-19 pandemic. We’ll look at our experience operating as a commercial recording studio, some of the ways we were forced to pivot our business, and what measures we implemented for our customers who wanted to come into the studio.

Recording studio, Crash Symphony Productions, was hit by the pandemic in March 2020. It’s strange to think about like prior to that now. It’s hard to remember what it was like without covid-19. Immediately sessions started getting cancelled. People were genuinely concerned about coming into the recording studio and when the restrictions and lockdowns hit there was no choice but for many sessions to be completely cancelled. We shifted to doing online sessions where our clients could jump online, and we’d work with them in any capacity that we could. This included mixing, doing online session work, mastering, and more. Our live streaming service, which we started in 2017, went completely gangbusters and we experience a boom in that area. We were still able to operate a very trimmed down session with a few people in the booth and mixing room. Our space isn’t big so were very limited in how many people could fit in the recording studio.

We introduced sanitisation stations, regular equipment wiped downs, and check-in points in our recording studio which was in accordance with the state government regulations. Certain microphones worked well during the pandemic. The Sennheiser shotgun microphone was an ideal choice during this time because it’s usually placed so far from the voice when it is being used. This reduced the probability of contamination. We used metal pop filters on microphones like the U87 so we could easily wipe down the guard without doing any damage. This worked extremely well.

Recording studio attitudes vary with respect to vaccinations. Some studios won’t allow people who are unvaccinated, and some will. Our recording studio was always happy to work with people who are unvaccinated. It didn’t bother any of our staff at all and we welcomed those who were and were not vaccinated. We continue to hold this attitude in our recording studio.

To learn more about Crash Symphony Productions and how we deal with Covid-19 in our recording studio please contact us on 0408 300 402 or get in touch via email Our recording studio staff would be happy to chat through any covid-19 health measures that our customers would like to implement ahead of a session booking.