Recording Studio: Active and Passive Sound Healing – What is the difference?

recording studio sound healingRecording Studio: Sound has been around since time began. Whether you call it the “Big Bang” or “the Word” in the beginning there was the word and the word was sound. Sound is synonymous with vibration and modern science has discovered that literally everything is vibration. Therefore with Sound Healing we are working with something that is very primary and affects us at the deepest levels.

Recording Studio: Passive Sound Healing

Sound can literally vibrate us into relaxation and altered states of consciousness. Just listening to certain recording studio music, or feeling the vibration of a crystal bowl or didgeridoo on our body has an instant effect of relaxing the body. Sound or Vibration is actually what we are at the deepest levels. When we listen to or feel sound it resonates with us at many different levels and dimensions. This type of sound healing is called “Passive” Sound Healing because we simply relax and the sound does all of the work vibrating us into a state of relaxation and well being.

Recording Studio: Active Sound Healing

“Active” Sound Healing is where we get involved in the creation of our own sounds either for the benefit of ourselves or other. The late Oncologist Mitchell Gaynor MD who had a very successful practice in New York City, integrated sound healing in to his treatments. Mitch observes the following benefits of “Self Created Sound” i.e. Toning that have been backed up by scientific studies.

  •  Increased levels of Oxytocin the “Trust” Hormone
  •  Reduced levels of the stress hormone Cortisol
  •  Release of Endorphins
  •  Production of Nitric Oxide the healing molecule
  •  Lowering of the heart rate

Recording Studio: Whaledreaming “Attune”

At the Whaledreaming “Attune” retreat in 2017 in Tonga we will be working with both passive and active Sound Healing. You will just et to fully flake out and relax whilst receiving a deeply restorative Sound Journey. Later in the retreat we will work with our own voices in a more active way for our own self healing journey of bringing out our true voice in all it’s glory.
This is an example of some “Passive” sound healing. A deeply relaxing piece that was recorded live at Paddington Uniting Church in Sydney. It is called “Floating through the dreamtime”

Here is a video that can be used as either “Active” Sound Healing or “Passive” Sound Healing.
Instructions are included in the video.