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Sound Engineers

What Sound Engineers do at Crash Symphony Productions:

With decades of career experience, the experts at Crash Symphony Productions pride themselves on providing the best professional sound engineering services in voice recordings for the performing arts industry, music industry, and corporate sector.

With a background in Physics and mechanical engineering, James Englund advises thorough approaches to sound engineering not found in any other recording studio in Sydney. Crash Symphony Productions regularly maintain their vintage microphones and own the latest sound engineering equipment to cater to any project or event in the highest quality.

What are Sound Engineering practices? Sound engineering practices include Additional Dialogue Recording, Live Streaming, and Audio Restoration.

Additional Dialogue Replacement

During the production process of filming TV shows, movies, or advertisements, the audio quality can find itself in the backseat with the main focus on visuals. Unfortunately, this commonly results in poor quality audio as it is subject to interferences from the production crew and external factors of the environment.

How does sound engineering work in ADR? The Sound Engineers record the entire dialogue in the recording studio accompanied by recording engineers, mix engineers, and mastering engineers to produce the immersive cinema masterpieces audiences love.

The recording studio comes equipped with a green screen visual for the actors to reenact their voice recordings in real-time. In addition, we source the same sound engineering equipment used on the film set, such as the lapel, shotgun, and condenser microphones, to achieve a realistic recording in an acoustically isolated space.

Live Streaming

How can sound engineering improve your live streams? A new avenue for the performing arts and music industry is taking the internet by storm. As a result, more people than ever before are tuning in to concerts online via virtual gigs.

Virtual gigs are audiovisual concerts recorded by audio engineers and streamed online. Sound engineering applications combine HD video and audio into one signal and stream it worldwide.


Our sound technicians provide:

  • Top-of-the-line sound engineering equipment.
  • HD video cameras.
  • Software specifically designed for high-definition video and sound streaming.

We can also record your live concert and produce it as a live album.

Audio Restoration

Listening to your classic tape, vinyl, and CD collections can give you powerful nostalgia trips. But as the years go by, these physical mediums can become damaged.

How does Sound Engineering work with Audio Restoration? Through the process of digitization and sound restoration technology. Sound engineers use digitization to convert the analog signal from old recordings into a digital signal which is then processed using sound restoration technology. Digitization allows sound engineers to revive old recordings by removing distortion, eliminating background noise, and improving the quality of problematic recordings.

Crash Symphony Productions offer premium audio restoration services with the most sophisticated sound engineering technology.

Contact James Englund on 0408 300 402 or for a free studio consultation to discuss your sound engineering needs today.

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