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music mixingCrash Symphony Productions is the music mixing studio Sydney artists and businesses use for their tracks and projects. Mixing is an important part of the music making process. It is largely misunderstood by people that haven’t been through the process of recording. Crash Symphony Productions is the premier Music Mixing Studio in Sydney. Let us explain what mixing is and why it is one of our studio’s strengths.


What is a Music Mixing?

Let’s start by explaining exactly what music mixing is and why it is so important. Mixing is the practice of blending all the different instruments in a song so that it sounds pleasurable to listen to. This sounds easy but it is a lot more involved than most people would think. For example, in a simple rock track there might be a bass, electric guitar, drums and vocal. Getting them to sit together so that they all get heard takes very specialised equipment and years of practice. Also, different styles of music will be mixed in very different ways. This is why we have multiple music mixing engineers who all specialise in different genres like hip hop, rock, Jazz and more.


Music Mixing Methods

The methods of mixing have also changed dramatically over the years because of technology. When people think of mixing they often think of large sound desks, as pictured above. This is certainly one way of mixing a song but the digital age has changed the way music made.

Now a lot of work is done with a computer, or as the industry terms suggests, “in-da-box”. Plugins are the most common tools that we use in our audio mixing studio. These are small third party programs that operate within the main recording program. These small programs have a specific function relating to the mixing process of a song. The great part about the digital mixing age is that we can make small tweaks and changes very easily form session to session. This is great for the client as everybody wants to make small changes to their mix. This wasn’t always the case. When things were only analogue it was “commit to a setting”. Once the song was mixed it was extremely difficult to go back and change things in the mix. Thankfully, this is no longer the case.


We make our own Specialised Mixing Equipment

Music Mixing Studio in Sydney

Two of our LA2A that we built for music mixing.

Nowadays, studios like Crash Symphony Productions, tend to pick and choose different methods of mixing. That includes the practices of yesteryear. Some retro methods sound fantastic in a modern context. Other jobs require us to completely recreate the sounds of vintage tunes. However, it’s more common to use digital methods in conjunction with the vintage approach. In fact, our Mixing Studio in Sydney takes pride in building our own equipment. We recreate vintage compressors and equalisers that get used on actual client records. Why? We have discovered, that in some instances, we can build units to a much higher audiophile spec than what can be purchased.


What Mixing is Not

It is also important to clarify what mixing isn’t. There are a lot of terms that fly around when it comes to recording a song like tracking, recording, mixing, editing and mastering etc. These are all legitimate parts of the music making process but they are distinctly different to each other. Tracking and recording are where the actual audio is recorded into the computer or onto a tape machine. Editing is where the audio is sliced and diced after recording and other corrective methods are employed to enhance the raw recorded audio. Editing comes before mixing.


Mixing is what we have been describing above. It is combining those recorded and editing tracks to make them blend and become listenable. Mastering is the process of working on the blended stereo track, or the song as a whole. Mastering is also the process of getting many tracks to work with each other on one album. Each of these areas involves a unique array of methodology. For now let’s continue with why a song requires a music mixer.


Mixing from Remote Locations and Overseas with CSP

Crash Symphony Productions has also set up our studio so that we can work with people overseas or in remote locations. Our clients can login to our server and be part of the music mixing session. It’s important that they have good headphones or speakers on their end. This capability is most often employed when clients require us to make changes to a mix that has already been worked on. For clients overseas who wish to send us tracks to mix we have a specific format of files that we require. We can import those files into our DAW (Digital Audio Workstation), mix the track, and send it back for checking. We have also outlined in detail what clients can expect from the process of mixing with Crash Symphony Productions. You can check those points here.

Contact us at [email protected] or call 0408 300 402 if you require a music mixing studio in Sydney. We are the most premier music mix studio Sydney has to offer and we take every mix project very seriously.

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