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music productionThe Crash Symphony Music Production Team has long experience producing songs and albums with famous artists, such as Deni HinesErika Heynatz and “The Voice” finalist – Alex Gibson. Popular Crash Symphony Music Producer James Englund has personally produced more than fifty high-end studio albums, EPs and singles. Clients are welcome to use their own music producer and Crash Symphony are happy to work with you and your music producer to capture your very best performance in stunning, hi-fidelity audio.

Music Production as a Profession

The term, “Music Producer” has become a very diverse title now that music production is more accessible through home computing. It is important that we clarify what we mean by the term: A professional music producer is a person that an artist or company employs, with the sole purpose of bringing a musical project to fruition. This can involve a range of tasks like:

  • Making sure the Music Production is completed within budget
  • Helping the Music Production reach the artistic and/or business aspirations of the client
  • Bridging the gap between the music needs and the technical requirements
  • Organising the right musicians for the Music Production

Every music producer is different. They all have their own strengths and weaknesses and can bring colour to your productions in varying ways. The below link is an article that was published by Crash Symphony Productions. It explains some of the differences that exist amongst music producers and how they can take various approaches to music production. We invite you to read the article in the hope it assists you in choosing the right producer for your music production.

Read the Article Here

Music Production can encompass a number of different approaches. It can be as simple as recording a single vocalist to as complex as a full rock band that is backed by an orchestra as well as computer programming. There’s a lot technical knowledge to cover. Most music production professionals will specialise in one area, or be proficient in a few areas. Modern music productions are becoming increasingly “in-the-box”. This is a term that refers to the production activity that occurs inside the computer. Conversely, recording an orchestra or rock band is not an “in-the-box” process. Of course. eventually it will end up as audio that is manipulated inside the computer, but the process starts as real instruments. These days there are all kinds of emulated instruments that are available as software packages. Grand pianos can be recorded as virtual instruments. This is also true for almost any other instrument and ensemble you can imagine. For example, Strings, drums, choirs, percussion, and more, can all be accessible as a software instruments. Is this better than recording the real thing from scratch? Not necessarily. It’s different. Like with everything, there are many pros and cons that come along with these options. Our Music producers are experts on what is currently available and what will suite your project. Keep in mind, your choice doesn’t just rely on sound. There can be budget limitations and/or speed of production requirements that can impact on which methods to employ in the music production. These are all the choices that experienced music production professionals can help you to make.

Recording a Single, EP, or Album?

The decision to record a single, EP, or album, can also be a hard choice for an artist. Many artists have a lot of material but are restricted by other factors like time or budget. It is important to meet with your producer regarding your music production prior to commencing. When it is clear what the end result needs to be for the music production, then it is clear what steps need to be taken to reach that goal. When the appropriate information is given to a good music producer they will be able to formulate an exact budget and time frame for completion of the project. The amount of pre-production that is required will depend on the music production. What is pre-production?

Pre Production

Pre-production is the process of preparing before the production begins. This involves rehearsal times, selection of musician, mapping a time-line to completion, creating a post-production marketing structure, planning for the budget, and more. However, the amount of pre-production is different for every project and artist. For example, solo artists that plan to do everything “in-the-box” and rely heavily on the music producer’s input, will require much less pre-production. Alternatively, bands who will be playing all their own musical instruments, will require more pre-production. Choosing the right amount of pre-production for your project is the responsibility of the music producer. The right amount of pre-production will save your project a huge amount of time and money. Musicians will play better, less recording attempts (“takes”) will be required, and less money will be spent editing and fixing errors after the performance.

View Music Production Examples

Clients say

  • Crash Symphony Productions was beyond excellent to work with!  Being in LA, scheduling in Australia had its challenges, but everyone at the studio made a tremendous effort to get back to me as soon as possible. At times, due to actor schedules, ADR can be tricky, but much-needed at the last minute. Crash Symphony worked with the actor’s tight schedule, to make sure all of our studio’s needs were met!

    Carly Neher – Post Coordinator “The Bridge” Season 2 – Warner Bros Television
  • “Matt and everyone at Crash Symphony are fantastic!  They are very knowledgeable and professional and their work is excellent.

    Thank you for accommodating me halfway around the world on such short notice and thank you for providing such quality service. I know who I’m calling the next time I have a project in Sydney.”

    Ashley Contino – Associate Producer
    “24:Live Another Day”
    Twentieth Century Fox Television
    Los Angeles
  • “Crash Symphony Productions run an extremely professional and reliable service. I’ve been using CSP for the past three years and they’re always ready to go the extra mile for us.

    Their prices are great, the service is great and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend CSP for any sound production/ recording needs. It’s a real pleasure to know these guys and to work with them.”

    Genevieve Clay-Smith 2009 Tropfest Winner and Director of Taste Media
  • “James Englund is one of the best producers around. I have worked with James on a number of projects and am constantly impressed with his good taste and how he manages to get the best out of the musicians that he is working with. A true mark of a great producer. I have worked with more producers than most anyone and it’s such a joy to work with James. I feel like I’m back at Air Studios again where the standards are high and the work is important and easy.

    James focuses on what’s important – to the music – for the audience. You never get the impression that he is rearranging the deck chairs on the Titanic, (unlike some producers who overproduce because they don’t understand the essentials).

    For a classy, great sounding production, I have no reservations in highly recommending James Englund.

    He puts the same attention to detail into his studio and equipment. We did a big session at Studios 301 and the best microphones were those that James brought from his studio. What a lifesaver.”

    Michael Paul Stavrou – Stav.
  • “I think James is one of the most creative, clever and generous people I have met. He is helpful, listens and allowed us to share some of his unique and wonderful compilations with a joy video that we released. I recommend him unreservedly – he is GREAT value!”

    Amanda Gore – International Speaker & Founder of the Joy Project
  • “I have been lucky enough to work with James Englund extensively over the past few years and it has been a professional relationship that I will always cherish.

    I was introduced to James in the most appropriate way, while watching him perform his original music at Sydney’s iconic Basement, a stage that I dreamed of one day stepping on to. I sat on the edge of my seat, intrigued by his poetic lyrics and his captivating and melodic guitar and piano parts that underlay all of his songs. This alone had an impact on me as I was a few years younger than James and had found someone that I respected and someone that I could look up to as a Songwriter and Performer.

    I had been told that James had a studio in Neutral Bay, Sydney called ‘Crash Symphony’ so I contacted him and met up with him the following week.  What I experienced from then on was a musical kinship that people spend their whole life trying to find. James produced my first album ‘This is Life’, which has seen much success, reaching #2 in the iTunes Australia Singer Songwriter Charts.

    (Before venturing into the process James made a bold judgement based on my performance style and on what I envisaged my debut record to sound like.  We wanted to capture the raw energy of a live performance, but record it in a way that ensured a high studio quality sound, similar to many of the records produced in 60’s and 70’s.  We recorded most of the project live at Studios 301, tracking the whole five-piece band at the same time, with other layers, overdubs, and some whole tracks being recorded in the ‘Crash Symphony’ Studio.  The beauty of ‘Crash Symphony’ is that it has the best hardware and software money can by for 4-track recording. )

    As a Producer and Sound Engineer James works selflessly, ensuring the music becomes the polished gem it deserves to be. He does this without impeding on the artists own creative process, ensuring the overall projected vision is still intact.  James is a perfectionist with impeccable taste and ear for melody and space that is hard to match. I recommend James’ to all of my friends and will continue to work with James into the future.”

    Alex Gibson – Finalist ‘The Voice’
  • “I’ve been working professionally with James Englund since 2009. His musicality and technical knowledge are second to none.

    He sings, plays keyboard, violin, guitar, wind and brass. James should be your first choice for voice over work, band recordings, song production, mixing and mastering. James is a rare mix of professional musician and technical studio magician. I love working with him!”

    Jeremy Curran – Music Director – Musical Functions
  • “I have so enjoyed working with Matt and found him to be a dedicated and mature artist. In fact I so enjoyed our collaboration that immediately asked him to work with me on my next film.

    I love Matt’s ability to respond to the script, characters, and the insanity of a director in a skilled, productive and creative way. I respect Matt’s creative ideas and admire his ability to easily and confidently handle many different music genres. ”

    Margaret McHugh – Director
  • “I have watched Matt grow into a highly proficient and creative screen music pratitioner. He is very adaptable across a wide variety of styles and his world music compositions are also of a very high standard.”

    Vicki Hansen – Big Bang Music – Composer for SBS & ABC TV
  • “Matt is not only a talented musician and composer who will write beautiful music for your film; he’s a true creative professional.

    He works incredibly well to briefs, communicates clearly with filmmakers, and explains all of the wild musical terminology in plain English. I can’t recommend him highly enough.”

    Katia Nizic – Film Producer and Critic
  • “Matt is a joy to work with. He has an instinctive understanding of drama, composing beautifully for both performance and story. His subtle, delicate score for The Orchard contributes immensely to the atmosphere, metaphor and subtext of the film, helping the audience access the feeling states and complex character perspectives of the film.

    I highly recommend Matt and his work to both producers and directors.”

    Laura Scrivano, Writer/Director Winner – 2013 European Union Film Award (The Orchard)
  • “On brief, timely and great to work with, Crash Symphony Productions have everything you want in a creative partner.”

    Shane Carn – Creative Director for TVC – Lead Generation Lab
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