Sydney recording studio: Gasong Drums

Gasong Drums are incredibly beautiful instruments.  We have one here at our Sydney Recording Studio.  Gasong Drums are made in Coffs Harbour by our friend Col otherwise known as “Majicol Gasong”.  He can be found on facebook here: where you can buy Gasong drums.
Once you have bought a Gasong drum why not bring it down to our Sydney recording studio and make some recordings.  We can capture the amazing sound of the Gasong with our state of the art equipment including our Wagner U47 Microphone.  You can’t get much better sound reproduction than that.

Sydney Recording Studio: Recycled Instruments

Gasong Drums are made from recycled LPG bottles.  Col first Sandblasts the recycled shells to clean them of rust, dirt and other imperfections.  He then sands them until they are smooth and cuts the notes (usually 6 notes but other configurations are available).  The notes are cut with an angle grinder and a jig saw.  Once the gasong notes have been cut and they are closed to the right tuning Col then paints them with a beautiful gloss enamel in many different bright colour and he sometimes even adds some sparkles.  Gasongs are very easy to play, we have one here at our Sydney Recording Studio and it is absolutelty awesome.  They are easy to play because they are tuned to a pentatonic scale which basically means you can’t hit a wrong note.  For this reason Gasongs are great for kids because they can just play and have fun and not worry about whether it sounds good, because Gasongs always sound good.
Personally I love Gasong Drums and I have 2 of them tuned to exactly the same key.  This is definitely a case of where 2 is better than 1 because the notes resonate with each other creating a wall of sound.  I can’t wait to bring them down to our Sydney Recording Studio, Crash Symphony Productions to record them.