Sydney Recording Studios: Piccolo

Sydney Recording Studios: Although often overlooked, the piccolo is an important part of the woodwind instrument family. This high-pitched petite woodwind packs a huge punch. Historically, the piccolo had no keys, but over the years, it has transformed into an instrument similar in fingering and form to the flute. It still serves as a unique asset to the woodwinds.

  • The piccolo is about half the size of the flute.
  • Other than size, the biggest difference between the two sydney recording studios instruments is that the piccolo is pitched one octave higher.
  • The earliest work with a piccolo part in it is Handel’s “Rinaldo” in 1711
  • The piccolo was often referred to as the “petite flute” or “flautino” – but so were flageolet or small recorders, sometimes making it difficult to determine what instrument that composer had in mind.
    In Italian, ‘piccolo’ is used as an adjective to describe various instruments that are the smallest and highest in pitch of their type. These include the violin piccolo, piccolo clarinet, and piccolo timpani.
  • Some of the most famous sydney recording studios piccolo parts can be found in Beethoven’s Egmont ov and in John Phillip Sousa’s march The Stars and Stripes Forever.
  • The piccolo was originally designed for military bands to make the flute parts more prominent.
  • Piccolos were once available in the key of D♭ but are currently only sold in the key of C.
    The piccolo can often be confused with the fife, which is similar in form but creates a louder, shriller sound.
  • The piccolo is the most highly pitched instrument of all the woodwinds.

Sydney Recording Studios: How to Buy Piccolos

Both flutes and piccolos are available on eBay, along with music literature and practice books. You can search by going to any eBay page and typing an appropriate phrase such as “flute” or “piccolo” in the search box. From there, you can filter the search results even further if desired, to include brand. Ask questions of sellers to ensure that the instrument is new and in its original packaging if you want a new flute or piccolo.