Audiobook: Position Doubtful

Audiobook: Position Doubtful by Kim Mahood Crash Symphony Productions have adapted Kim Mahood’s memoir of country as an audiobook. Position Doubtful is a contemporary memoir and love letter to the country of inland Australia from one woman, Kim Mahood. Kim...

Sutton doesn’t like the three a.m. phone calls. He should change his number—that way Rawson wouldn’t have it. Sutton’s best mate is a hero cop, but strife flows through him like a highway.
He was supposed to die young. Maybe Millar will do it for him: she’s the hot young detective from Internal who still thinks intellect and integrity will take her places. If she doesn’t watch her step, she might find out what they are…
This is the story of good dogs living in a bad-news town—a fragrant harbour city where the judges are dead, the vendettas lively and every glittering fortune hides a sin.
An epic novel of corruption, murder and the true nature of justice, Winter Traffic announces the arrival of a compelling new voice in literary crime.

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