Video Production Sydney

Video Production Sydney

Video Production Sydney studios come in all shapes and sizes. Crash Symphony Productions, historically a music studio, has taken the bold move to start offering videos to musicians and corporate clients. More than ever, video and audio are becoming intimately wedded and we feel that it is equally important for businesses and artists to have both if they are going to reach their maximum audience. Let’s take a look at how these videos can help you.

YouTube Ready – Video Production Sydney

This is a concept that we crafted specifically for musicians that need video content to get on to YouTube. We can get them video content in one of two ways. Firstly, they can complete their musical project and then create a video once the song is complete. Lastly, they can setup the recording space specifically for the purpose of capturing video content.

Live Streaming of a video production, Sydney

This is where we setup a gig in the studio, or elsewhere, and live steam the performance to followers online. Once the streaming is completed the artist is left with a video and audio that can be used for future promotional content and merchandise. This is highly beneficial to clients and is fast becoming the most effective way to reach an audience.

Green Screen Video Production Sydney

Often artists and business clients will require the use of green screen. This allows our studio to take out the background behind the subject and replace it with a still image or moving picture. This is excellent for creating the impression of being in another location.

Head-to-Camera video production Sydney

This is most often used in explainer videos that are common in the business world. Put simply, the subject will talk down the barrel of the lens and read from a teleprompter the message that they are trying to convey to their market or audience.

This has been a brief outline of the Video Production Sydney services that are offered by Crash Symphony Productions in Neutral Bay. For further information on how we can transform your business or help you reach a greater audience please contact us on 02 9953 7686 or