Video Production Sydney needs The Indie Sessions

Video Production Sydney needs: The Indie Sessions    

by Rhianna Miles         

Callum Chynoweth Band and the video production Sydney has to offer

All across Europe videography has collided with music; Small Sessions in Berlin, La Blogatheque’s A Take Away Show series in Paris, Mahogany in the UK. These groups produce Youtube videos of exclusive performances from members of the indie music scene, to great acclaim. In terms of indie music video production Sydney has a small scene, but very few home grown projects; BalconyTV began in Dublin ten years ago, whereas Sofar Sounds’ Songs From A Room is a London born movement. Parlour Gigs is closer to the mark, having started in Melbourne.

However limited the video production Sydney certainly produces the talent. Performing here an acoustic version of their latest single Hope You Know, the Callum Chynoweth Band is a group with a firm footing in Sydney’s indie pop rock scene. With several years gigging under their belt, under various names and line-ups, they could probably navigate the industry with their eyes closed. Living room gigs, coupled with online documentation of the mood, music and magic created, are a proven method for reaching an active global audience, and Sydney artists like this deserve more of it. BalconyTV follows a similar model; you only have to scroll through their Youtube channel to see the company that Callum Chynoweth and his crew are keeping. The oldest videos feature Mumford and Sons, The Script and a very young Ed Sheeran, all baby-faced and bashful.
Sydney’s Callum Chynoweth Band are an act whose music makes you stop and think; unpredictable arrangements, poignant lyrics. They deliver complexity in beautifully simple ways, as only the finest craftsmen can. Songs aren’t written, they’re grown. Their music is their workmanship, carved away at over time until its ready to be sanded down and smoothed out. Put bluntly, it’s professional and brilliant.
Unfortunately, there’s limited evidence of this online. This is why shows like BalconyTV are the video production Sydney needs. They offer work experience and an online portfolio for local producers, videographers, audio engineers and sometimes even venues. More importantly, they offer solid acts like Chynoweth these same opportunities, plus a chance at breaking into a global marketplace. Their upcoming double EP Songs of Misery & Romance would fall on receptive ears in various nooks and crannies of the globe. Perhaps one day their performance on BalconyTV will be an embarrassing treasure on Youtube, an old token of a band well-loved the world over. It is certainly to be hoped. They’re ready. Is the video production Sydney has to offer ready to support them?