Vinyl Records Cleaning

Vinyl Records Cleaning

Cleaning vinyl records is a tricky job for most people. This is only because they are not aware of the proper methods. Let’s look at the best methods of cleaning your vinyl records:

Methods You Can Use for Cleaning Vinyl Records

If you want your vinyl records to have the same clarity, you will need to clean them from time to time. There are three popular methods of cleaning vinyl records. Each of these methods is convenient and effective. But the method you choose to clean your vinyl records depends on your preference. Some methods are ideal for everyday dust removal while others eliminate smudge marks more effectively. Let’s look at the three methods of cleaning vinyl records:

1.     Dry Brush

The most commonly used method for cleaning vinyl records is with a dry brush. This special brush cleans the particles from the groves gently and removes static as well.

2.     Wet Brush

The wet brush method requires a vinyl cleaning solution and a small sized microfiber brush. This method should be used when the vinyl records have fingerprints and/or smudge marks.

3.     Stylus Cleaner

The stylus cleaning method requires a stylus cleaner solution. For this cleaning method, you do not require a special brush.

How to Use the Dry Brush Method

The dry brush method requires you to use a special carbon fibre brush. When the record is adjusted onto the player, you will need to turn it on. Gently apply the brush to the vinyl surface. You will need to make sure the fibres of the carbon brush rest in the vinyl groves. As the record spins, the dust will be removed from the groves, leaving the record clean. One of the biggest concerns for any individual is finding the supplies necessary to clean the record. But acquiring a carbon fibre brush is not difficult. Most Hi-Fi stores stock these brushes and they are not expensive.

Using the Wet Brush Method

The dry brush method is ideal for cleaning records if there is dust. But if there are fingerprints or smudge marks on the record, you will need to use another method: the wet brush method. For this, you will require a microfiber brush and a vinyl cleaning solution. Simply set the record onto the player. Turn the player on and let the record spin. Once the record is spinning, apply the vinyl cleaning solution onto the microfiber brush. Gently rest the brush onto the record until the smudge and fingerprint marks have been removed.
You can even use this method by keeping the record on a flat surface. Just make sure you keep a microfiber cloth underneath the record to keep it from scratching. Hold the record in place and rotate the brush onto the record until it is clean.

Cleaning Records with a Stylus Cleaner

Another effective method for cleaning a record is using a stylus. The stylus or the recorder needle is great at picking up debris and dirt from record groves. Apply a small amount of stylus cleaner and let it clean the groves. If you want to make sure the record is free of dirt, run the stylus a couple of times across the record. Clean the stylus after every rotation.
You can use these methods to clean your records properly. The best part is these methods are convenient and cost-effective.