Voice Over Sydney Amateurs Vs Professionals

Voice Over Sydney: Amateur Vs Professional VO Artists

Many people think that because they can speak they can automatically be a voice over artist. Whilst it is true that we can record anyone speaking, not anyone can be a professional Voice Over Sydney artist. Being a professional Voice Over Sydney artist is a lot harder than it appears. Artists need to be about to ready fluently of the page, speak with minimal breaks and errors, minimise mouth noise, project with clarity and superb tone, and be malleable to a producers direction. We’ll discuss these points in more depth in they item about Voice Over Sydney artists.

Voice Over Sydney professionals have speech free of “Speech Litter”

Fluent speech is the first thing that differentiates the average persons with a voice to an absolute pro. Most people will speak and have “um’s” and “ah”, “You know…”, “like”. awkward silences, scattered through their speech. In fact, we mortals do it without even know that we’re doing it. It’s only when you’re “under the microscope”, or shall we say microphone, that the average person realises how littered with “speech trash” most people’s speech is. This is the first big point that separates the Voice Over Sydney pro from the amateur.

Voice Over Sydney professionals have Fluent speech

Speaking seems so easy, right? True, but when we have our speech planned out for us it isn’t so easy. A Voice Over Sydney Artist pro needs to be able to speak the script with out breaks and errors.  They need to be able to make the listener feel like it was their ideas and thoughts. That it wasn’t pre written. This is hard to do and often an amateur’s speech will sound awkward, read, and stilted when they are readying off the page.

Voice Over Sydney professionals have Speech free of annoying sounds

Most people have small clicks and sounds that come from their mouth when they talk. This is completely normal and is so common that most people don’t even notice it when they are communicating with each other. However, things because amplified and increasingly apparent after being recorded. Voice Over Sydney Artists are aware of these little annoying sounds and have become experts at controlling these sounds. Amateurs usually only discover they exist once they’re in the recording studio.

Voice Over Sydney professionals have an X-factor tone

The tone of voice is usually the most important thing that differentiates a Voice Over Sydney professional from an amateur. When you listen to someone who is a professional voice over speaker it becomes immediately obvious that they have the X-factor when it comes to vocal tone. It’s usually unique to the individual but when you hear it you know.

Voice Over Sydney professionals can adapt to direction

Finally, all its all very well to talk how you think you should talk. However, when it comes to listening to external direction and actually acting on those points, speech gets tricky. Voice Over Sydney professionals can listen to the pointers from producers and immediately adapt. There is a specific set of terminology that Voice Over Sydney artists, engineers, and producers all mutually understand. This allows for highly professional and fast moving recording sessions. Amateurs almost always lack the ability to adapt to direction meaning that even if they nail the above points, that can only do one thing.
We hope this helps anyone thinking of getting into profession voice over work. For further information please contact us at Crash Symphony Productions.