Voice over sydney: Does honey really help?

Voice over sydney professionals know how critical it is to treat their main instrument with great care. What we drink – in and around performances as well as when we’re not performing – can have a direct bearing on the outcome.
Some voice over sydney people steer clear of dairy products, for instance, while others purposefully consume them using prior experience as their guide.

Voice over sydney: Does honey really work?

Honey has long been a go-to ingredient in our community, but how do we really know if it’s the best solution for keeping our voices in top condition? And what other tips and tricks should we keep in mind before our next audition or recording session?
Here is what some voice professionals said:
” I’ve never used sugar, always honey. It makes my throat smoother and there’s no roughness in my voice when I record. I also like to add a touch of lemon as well.”
“I’ve never used sugar. Honey not only soothes my throat, but it has so many added benefits that sugar just doesn’t have. Sometimes I’ll just eat a tablespoon of raw honey because it’s so soothing and delicious.”
” I used to have asthma and a rough voice because of the coughing. When I used honey it made my voice smoother and my asthma disappear. I also put it on my tea with lemon, mint, cucumber and ginger.”
“Honey is a super food. As far as the voice it does soothe the throat with no real coating to the cords. A dash of lemon in water is good to clean off the cords. All in moderation of course. Personally I live on honey. The other byproducts of bees are also mighty in nutrition.”
Honey might be good but I think Aloe Vera Juice is alot better for soothing voice over sydney vocal chords.
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