Voice Over Sydney: Tablets

The tablets are an ally for the voice over sydney talent. If you are a voice over sydney artist who is on the road a lot, the chances are that you keep taking your tablet everywhere you go. The iPad and Android tablets have become a great friend and companion to the voice over sydney artist. With new recording apps being developed and technology that keeps evolving, the ability to record high quality audio without being in a studio has been enhanced by these devices.
So what’s out there currently in the world of voice over sydney and the tablet?

Voice Over Sydney: Tablet Accessories for Recording

Well, you’ve got the irig microphone and irig pre which is the first hand-held mic and pre amp to be launched that is compatible with the ipad, iphone, ipod touch and Android tablets. The irig mic is great for recording on the move and doing podcasts etc. The irig pre also allows you to connect any other USB or XLR microphone to your tablet and record good quality audio.

There is also the Apogee mic which is now available and states that it’s the first studio-quality mic for Garage Band and can be used with the ipad, iphone and Mac. This Mic has a built in pre amp and converter and more expensive than the irig as you would expect.
To support audio recording there are numerous apps available. Using audio editing apps like VocaLive and Garage Band allows you to produce audio tracks with features that many other more expensive audio editing software has like ProTools
The voice over sydney artist has never had so much choice when it comes to recording audio and with apps like iauditions, Twisted Wave, VC Audio Pro, VocaLive and Garage Band to name just a few, there are plenty of options to choose from.
Specifically for Androids, recent developments for audio recording and editing include USB Audio Recorder PRO and Audio Evolution Mobile. These are currently seen as the most robust audio recording apps available on Android devices and are compatible with most USB and XLR microphones.
Most of the audio recording and editing apps are relatively inexpensive to purchase so it’s worth shopping around to see which one suits you best.
One of the things that voice over sydney artists love best about using a tablet for voice over is not necessarily the recording options but the fact that it’s so silent and perfect for reading the script from. The ability to scroll silently through text and enlarge text with simplicity makes it a great tool to read your voice over sydney script from without the inevitable noise of paper-turning.
Many VO artists have now turned to tablets for reading the script from and its flexibility and portability has made the tablet an important element of the overall voice over artist toolkit.