Voice Over Sydney work!

Voice Over Sydney Recording Processes Outline!

It’s understandable how so few people realise how much is involved in the voice over process. In this article I hope to outline, briefly, the process of what’s required to deliver a high quality edit from our voice over Sydney studio, Crash Symphony Productions.

Voice Over Sydney Stage One

The first stage is making sure that all the recording gear and studio space is set up for the voice over Sydney artists. We need to make sure that the microphone is set up correctly and that the valves inside the microphone, a U47, have been warmed up for at least 20 minutes. We need to cool the sound booth sound so we start up the air conditioning system and let it feed cool air into the booth. We need to check that the pre amplifier and compressors are on and working correctly. we need to make sure that we are getting a good signal into the computer. we also check that the headphone levels are going to be comfortable of the voice over Sydney artist. Once all this is done we, the voice over Sydney Studio, are ready to record.

When the Voice over artist arrives

When the client and the voice over Sydney artist arrive we want to create the environment where they can work on their project immediately. One engineer will ensure that all the systems are working correct and he will monitor the computer DAW. Someone else will make sure that the client is comfortable by offering water, coffee or tea.

Voice over Sydney editing

When the recording has been done there are usually multiple takes of each line that is recorded. It is now the job of our specialist Voice over Sydney studio to edit the takes. We often are asked to take out any anomalies in the audio like clicks, plosives, lips noises and sometimes even breath. All background room noise that enters onto the recording is also removed. This gives a superlative sounding vocal that sounds amazing.

Voice over levelling

Once the editing is done we need to treat the dynamics of the vocal. To makes sure that the level is even of the Voice Over Sydney artist across the entire recording we use a post tracking compressor. Then we use a limiter to take the level up to a good level.

Exporting of the Voice over Sydney artist’s files

Once all of this technical work has been done we need to export the files from the recording program (DAW or digital workstation). This takes time. The files need to be named correctly for the client and each file needs to be exported in the correct format.
Finally, once all the files have been transferred out of the DAW we need to send them to the client. The required a FTP provider and it ofter can take a long time due to the number of files and the size of the content to be sent.
This is a pretty typical timeline of how our voice over Sydney studio, Crash Symphony Productions, operates in the realm of voice production.