Voice Over Work and How to do it well

How to do good voice over work is a common question in a world that demands new content! Voice over work is very common because it is a powerful way to communicate a message. There are some fundamental things that need to be in place in order to capture it well. In this article we will guide you through how to do good voice over work. We will look at this unique work in a step-by-step way that will make it clear to a new comer. The elements within include creating a good script, knowing the basics of speaking with clarity, using good recording equipment, and having access to voice software. Read on to learn how to best capture your next voice over!

Have the Voice Over Script Finalised

The foundation to all good voice over work is a good script. This is most often called ‘the copy’. Writing the copy is a profession in of itself but there’s no reason why you can’t write a captivating copy for your project. Often writing concisely is a good starting point. Too many words can put your audience to sleep so try keeping it things to the point and well structured.
Only use long and complicated words if they are unavoidable. Many reads are educational or commercial in nature. Long and complex words that few people know will isolate the listener and diminish the impact of the message. Make sure the script is easy to read, is grammatically correct, and has a good solid structure.
When the script is complete make sure you read it from an iPad or another kind of tablet. This will eliminate any page turning that might get recorded by accident. Page turning is a nuisance because it needs to edited out later in post.

Speak Clearly

Delivering effective voice over is a career but there’s no reason why you can do it on your own project. The first error many new comers make is that they read the script too fast. This is most common when people are self-conscious and nervous about recording their voices. Some reads require pace but in most cases speaking slowly and clearly is the best option.
The clarity of speech comes with pronouncing words properly. Make sure you complete the ‘s’ sounds and don’t mumble through sentences. Speaking with a smile is good way to increase clarity.

Good Recording Equipment

Good recording equipment isn’t cheap but there’s no way around it. In order to capture a voice well you will need a good microphone and preamp. Most studios will use condenser microphones because they pick up all the details of the human voice with the most transparency. Unfortunately many natural sounds will be recorded, too. Mouth clicks, clothes rustling, pops, and sibilance are all unwanted side-effects of using great microphones. The gains outweigh the losses so make sure you have access to a great condenser microphone.

The Recording Space

A good recording space, or isolation booth, will improve the quality of a voice recording tenfold. This space would ideally be isolated from the outside and acoustically deadened in the interior. When a space is isolated no unwanted noise like cars and bird can diminish the recording. A space that is acoustically inactive will heighten the apparent focus of the recorded voice.

Powerful Post-Production Software

Once the voice is recorded you will need to enhance it so it is ready for presentation. There are many options for voice over post-production plugins. These include programs to control harsh sibilant frequencies, reduce plosives, equalise, and compress the voice. Even noise gates will help to remove noise between spoken lines.
Most Digital Audio Workstations will include many useful pieces of software to help you enhance the recording.


You can see that there are some clear factors that, if employed correctly, will greatly enhance the quality of your voice over recording. A clear message is delivered when a good script is read with conviction and eloquence.
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Happy communicating!