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Green Screen

Green Screen has become an important tool for creating high quality videos. In the modern digital age of Smart Phones and YouTube, many of our clients have a need to reach their current and prospective clients through high-end video. Whether it is corporate video, or musicians who want a presence on YouTube, the worlds of video and audio have become increasingly reliant on each other to cut through the noise and reach the target audience. Green Screen is critical in the creation of video content that achieves this result.

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How can the Green Screen help you?

  • Music videos for your recorded songs
  • Information videos for business and websites
  • Photography where the background is replaced
  • CD and DVD artwork for your product
  • Live Music Recordings
    Crash Symphony Productions’ Green Screen is in close proximity to our high-definition audio recording equipment. We have professional lighting required for Green Screen Video and Photo production. We also use an array of high-end DSLR Video Cameras, and Go Pros for those close-ups and interesting angles. All our audio recording equipment comes included in our Green Screen service..

How can the Green Screen help you?

A Green Screen allows us to insert a unique backdrop behind the performer or speaker- the subject. For example, we can film a musician performing in front of our Green Screen, then place a busy bar as the backdrop behind them. This means we can capture the high quality sound of the recording studio, and then make it seem as though that sound was recorded live. In a live setting, it would be largely impossible to get such a controlled and high quality sound. The use of the green screen allows us to achieve these high-quality visual and audio results for our clients. It’s one of our most powerful tools we employ in our studio.
Our Green Screen is closely integrated into our Recording Studio complex. The advantage of this is that the audio that is recorded for the video is at high-definition studio quality. If the recording were done on location then the audio quality would not be so impressive. High quality audio gets the message across to your target audience. Whether it is selling a product or singing a heartfelt song, ears are just as important as eyes.

How can the Green Screen help your final product?

Firstly, we can provide CD artwork that uses the green screen. Once your audio product has been recorded with us you’ll need artwork. The Green Screen can provide unique images that can be a visual complement to the audio. Often the artwork that is created using the Green Screen is uploaded to the Internet in conjunction with the audio.
Secondly, we can create video content with the Green Screen that is used in conjunction with the audio. This may be a person talking directly to the camera, or musicians playing in front of the green screen.Thirdly, footage captured with the Green Screen can be used in and amongst other footage. The Green Screen content may not take up the entire video. An example might be a band that wishes to record the recording journey throughout their album. Footage is collected along the way, and other footage shot in front of the Green Screen is collated to create the final product.
Crash Symphony can provide the final product as a tangible CD or DVD. Alternatively, we can upload your new video content to your desired online site. This may be YouTube or your own website. We can take care of the video uploading process for you, so you don’t have to worry about learning how to do it once you have acquired the product from us.
This is all part of our Green Screen service. We understand that different people have various degrees of proficiency in working with the Internet and computers, but this shouldn’t prohibit you from taking advantage of the vast array of online services.
Furthermore, we can collaborate with your CD or DVD manufacturer to ensure the files are delivered in the right format, so the product is mass-produced exactly how you expect on the first go.
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green screen youtubeBe “YouTube Ready” INSTANTLY with our Green Screen!
We record your music and video* at the same time* thereby eliminating synch issues and saving you time, money and hassles and providing you with the opportunity to have your video uploaded to your Vimeo & YouTube channels right away. We can even set up a channel and upload your music on your behalf.
We can literally make you sound like a pro regardless your level of performance or recording experience. View Green Screen Video & Audio Examples

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