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Professional Voice Over Artists

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Professional Voice Over

Here are some of the voice over artists that we often call on at Crash Symphony Productions. Voice over is one of our central focuses at CSP. This includes many different kinds of voice over work. It may be audiobook narrating, voice over for TV ads, radio commercials, ADR sessions for feature films, and more. In this presentation of voice over artists we have tried to provide an array of different sounding voices. Many of these voice over artists have strengths in certain areas and it is worth contacting our Sydney recording studio regarding your project so we can help you narrow down the right choice of artist for your project.

It is important to note that this is not a complete list of all the voice over professionals that we work with in our recording studio. Furthermore, it is very common that our clients choose to source their voice over talent from other agencies. This is all perfectly fine with our engineers and producers. We offer this page to help our clients make their choice faster, particularly when projects are on a tight deadline. This is often the case in the world of radio and TVC.
If you have any further questions of selecting the right voice over artist for your project please feel welcome to contact the studio. Furthermore, we accept voice over demos from prospective talent. If the quality is appropriate we are more than happy to give voice over artists a trial run in the studio. If they perform well and their reading is good then we will be happy to include new talent on this page.
Thanks for taking the time to listen to some of our favourite voice over artists.

At Crash Symphony Productions, we only keep the very best Voice Over Artists on our books.  Here are the showreels of our male and female voice over artists.

Male Voice Over Artists

Male 25-35

James David

Patch May

Jared Bett

David Dascal

Andy Leonard

Richard Butler

Trent P

Male 35-45

Berynn Schwerdt

Gary P

Colin Cassidy

Nick Flynn

 Dan Jenkinson

Evan Powis

Male 45-55

Clive Hodson

Niall Connon-Jackson

Female Voice Over Artists

Female 25-35


Brittany Morel

Ash King

Justine Martin





Female 35-45

 Andrea Bornstein




Pip McKay

Female 45-55

 Jen McDonald


Narration Specialist

Sharon Lampert



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