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Voice Over Sydney

Looking for the ultimate recording quality for  your vocal? Contact us today!

Voice Over Sydney

Voice over is what we do best! Our recording studio is located very close to Australia’s two largest CBD’s: Sydney City and North Sydney. Our convenient location and accessibility make us very busy with voice work from these two major business centres. For example, international actors, who are staying in hotels nearby, often require our ADR facility. For this reason we get a lot of ADR work from large studios in the USA and the UK. We deliver the very best in voice over recording and ADR, for both corporate projects and film/documentary. If you’re looking for the perfect voice over to compliment your project, then give us a call. We’ll be happy to help!

Spoken Word

On this page we aim to give you as much information as we can about our voice over recording work. This includes the variety of voice over (spoken word) projects that we have worked on. We’ll explain how we function as a the best Sydney recording studio and how we can help you get great results! A lot of our work is with overseas studios. For this purpose we employ the latest technology available. This allows us to link-up to overseas partner studios so client’s can be involved in the session! Visually and audibly! This is a critical component to our work. We will elaborate on this topic a little further down this page.

Spoken word content is everywhere in our modern world. So much so that it’s easy to take for granted! Spoken word accounts for most of the recorded audio content we consume. To compete in this digital age voice over studios like ours require extremely high-end recording equipment to compete. We have gone to the greatest lengths to ensure that we deliver the highest-quality recordings possible. Nothing but absolutely world-class audio in every way!.

The Best Voice Over


On brief, timely and great to work with, Crash Symphony Productions have everything you want in a creative partner.

- Shane Carn

Our Role in Speech Editing

Speech editing is an important area of audio engineering. It is among the most important work that we do! We have edited the speech of some of the biggest speakers on the planet. Our role is making certain that the audio recording is highly coherent and fluent. Audio messages presented in a clean manner and without error maximise impact on the listener.

Editing speech is similar to editing words on a page. To edit a speech well requires familiarity with the language and skills that only experience can bring. Our engineers have a deep understanding of the sounds that the human voice make and appear as complex waves. Our team can slice up and manipulate the audio to create coherent and clear speech. Without a doubt, speech editing It is a unique skill that takes a long time to develop and understand. It is highly valued by the voice over and speaking community throughout the world.

Why Use Us for Voice Over Projects

Our business has its foundations in ADR, voice over and speech editing. Recording the spoken word is a unique skill and requires effort to master for both artist and engineer. Well recorded voice requires an understanding of vocal acoustics. Furthermore, male and female variations must be understood. We try to focus on what the end result of the project requires.

Crash Symphony Productions aims to deliver every project within budget at the highest quality possible. This requires a wide array of microphone options and a recording booth designed for maximum comfort and acoustic isolation. This helps the talent perform at their best! Therefore, the audio will be at the highest quality possible. At Crash Symphony Productions we pride ourselves on being the industry’s best at recording voice over and ADR. There are important differences in how to record the voice for film, radio, music, and film. We know how to achieve the right result for those specific areas of audio.

Expert Engineers

Working with us means working with the best.

James Englund

James Englund


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Stewart Havill


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Borbala (Bobo)

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