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One of the challenges facing up and coming artists today is quickly and effectively establishing a professional presence on the World Wide Web. As record companies’ budgets for artist promotion continue to shrink, artists are turning to self promotion as a means to market themselves and create income from album sales, downloads and publishing.

YouTube and Vimeo have been quintessential tools embraced by artists in order to facilitate this marketing and self promotion. Up until now the problem has been that once an artist decides to make a YouTube self-promotional video they must first record their audio and then go through the process of recording separate video and attempting to synch the two recordings. The results often appear clunky and amateurish at best.

green screen youtubeThe artist is also often faced with two sets of fees. One for the Audio recording and one for the video recording. Much valuable time, money and energy can be wasted by the artist in this way.

To solve these issues once and for all, Crash Symphony Productions provide a “YouTube Ready” service to artists where you can create a stellar YouTube Music Video with sublime hi-fidelity, album quality audio and literally have it up on the net the same day.

Watch below one of our latest YouTube ready Video / Audio Production featuring Deni Hines & Alex Gibson – Landslide by stevie Nicks:

green screen youtubeBe “YouTube Ready” INSTANTLY!

We record your music and video* at the same time* thereby eliminating synch issues and saving you time, money and hassles and providing you with the opportunity to have your video uploaded to your Vimeo & YouTube channels right away. We can even set up a channel and upload your music on your behalf.

YouTube ready Studio features:

  • We boast one of (if not the) Best Vocal Sounds available in Sydney
  • Professional Video/Lighting
  • Green Screen for your choice of background and After Effects.
  • Full service from Pre-Production to Recording to You Tube/ Vimeo Upload.
  • Due to our superior microphones, warm sound booth and painstakingly configured signal paths.

We can literally make you sound like a pro regardless your level of performance or recording experience.

Call Crash Symphony Productions today for pricing and a discussion of your needs and get YOUTUBE READY.. Fast!

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