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The Beatles Beginnings

The Beatles Beginnings

The Beatles phenomenon The Beatles are everywhere. Not only their catchy singable songs but their image and memory. The 3 surviving members continue to produce new music each year. Its something they can’t help but do. They write and write and write. Prolific...

Christmas Carols

Christmas Carols

Christmas Carols continue to surround us for months each year. Where do they come from? Who wrote them and why do we continue to sing them?

The History of Musical theatre

The history of musical theatre is deep long and of course dramatic! Many people wander off the street into a Sydney Recording Studio to lay down their musical theatre demo. The ancient roots of Musical Theatre Most people think of Rogers and Hammerstein and the...

Australian Aboriginal Music

Australian aboriginal music Australian aboriginal music is intriguing and has a lot of depth. It has existed for well over 50,000 years. The music comes from various regions throughout Australia with different influences and styles. Furthermore there are some very...

Composing a film score

The world of film scoring When entering the world of movie soundtracks. your goal should be to stand out. You want to be the composer that captures the mood better than any other. For an action film you want to be able to enhance the movie to the point with people's...

Reggae music

Reggae origins Reggae music is a style of music that began in Jamaica in the late 60s. It can also signify any recent popular music coming out of Jamaica. In 1968 , Toots and the Maytals released a single: "Do the Reggay". This was the first mainstream hit to use the...

Mariachi music

Mariachi music is central to the cultural unity of Mexican music. It is used for weddings. Funerals also use mariachi music. The style ranges from jubilant to downright melancholic. Basically a mariachi band is a group of talented and experienced musicians  who...

Cumbia music origins

Cumbia music origins

Cumbia music Cumbia is an important and widespread style of Latin American music. The classic beat of cumbia appears from Chile to Colombia to the United States and further. The musical patterns and rhythms trace back to one particular area: Pueblos beside the rivers...

The music and life of Michael Jackson

The music and life of Michael Jackson

Michael Jacksons impact Avoiding Michael Jackson’s music is like trying to avoid traffic in Los Angeles Peak hour on the freeway. Many artists have entered a Sydney Recording studio with him as the guiding spirit of performance. Similarly, avoiding sexual abuse...

Studying a brass band

Studying a brass band

What is a brass band? A brass band is a large ensemble made up completely of brass instruments. A brass band often haspercussion. Many brass bands have entered a Sydney recording studio or a Sydney voice over studio in various formats. The British style brass band The...

Salsa music

A spicy music.  Salsa is an inspiring music that causes a response in the body for music lovers all over the world. It is highly rhythmic and energetic and always gets the dance floor packed in seconds. People sitting in their seats have to sway from side to side and...

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