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Sydney Recording Studios: John Lennon Part II

Sydney Recording Studios: McCartney introduced George Harrison to Lennon the next year, and Harrison and art college buddy Stuart  also joined Lennon’s band. Always in need of a drummer, the group finally settled on Pete Best.

The first recording they made was Buddy Holly‘s “That’ll Be the Day” in 1958. In fact, it was Holly’s group, that inspired the band to change its name. Lennon would later joke that he had a vision when he was 12 years old — a man appeared on a flaming pie and said unto them, “From this day on, you are Beatles with an ‘A.'”

The Beatles were discovered by Brian Epstein in 1961 at the Cavern Clup in Liverpool, where they were performing regularly. As their new manager, Epstein secured a record contract with EMI. With a new drummer, Ringo Starr (Richard Starkey), and George Martin as the producer, the group released their first single, “Love Me Do,” in October 1962. It peaked on the British charts at No. 17.

Lennon wrote the group’s follow-up single, “Please Please Me,” inspired primarily by Roy Orbison, but also fed by Lennon’s infatuation with the pun in Bing Crosby’s famous lyrics, “Oh, please, lend your little ears to my pleas,” from the song “Please.” The Beatles’ “Please Please Me” topped the charts in Britain. The Beatles went on to become the most popular band in Britain with the release of such mega-hits as “She Loves You” and “I Want To Hold Your Hand.”

Lennon married Cynthia Powell in August 1962. The couple had one son together, Julian, who was named after Lennon’s mother. Cynthia was forced to keep a very low profile during Beatlemania. She and Lennon divorced in 1968. He remarried the following year, on March 20, 1969, to Japanese avant-garde artist Yoko Ono, whom he had met at the Indica Gallery in November 1966.

Sydney Recording Studios: Beatlemania

In 1964, the Beatles became the first British band to break out big in the United States, beginning with their appearance on television’s The Ed Sullivan Show on February 9, 1964. Beatlemania launched a “British Invasion” of rock bands in the United States that also included the Rolling Stones and the Kinks. Following their appearance on Sullivan, the Beatles returned to Britain to film their first film, A Hard Day’s Night (1964), and prepare for their first world tour.

Sydney Recording Studios

21 Mar

Sydney Recording Studio: John Lennon Part I

Sydney Recording Studio: Famous singer/songwriter John Lennon founded the Beatles, a band that impacted the popular music scene like no other before, or since.

Sydney Recording Studio: Who Was John Lennon?

John Lennon was born on October 9, 1940, in Liverpool, England. He met Paul McCartney in 1957 and invited McCartney to join his music group. They eventually formed the most successful songwriting partnership in musical history. Lennon left the Beatles in 1969 and later released albums with his wife, Yoko Ono, amongst many others. On December 8, 1980, he was killed by a crazed fan named Mark David Chapman.  This is the official story anyway…

Sydney Recording Studio: John Lennon Early Life

When he was four, Lennon’s parents separated and he ended up living with his Aunt. Lennon’s dad  was not present at his son’s birth and did not see a lot of his son when he was young.

Lennon’s mother, Julia, remarried, but visited him and Mimi regularly. She taught Lennon how to play the banjo and the piano and purchased his first guitar. Lennon was devastated when Julia was fatally struck by a car driven by an off-duty police officer in July 1958. Her death was one of the most traumatic events in his life.

As a child, Lennon was a cheeky prankster and he enjoyed getting into trouble. As a boy and young adult, he enjoyed drawing grotesque figures and cripples. Lennon’s school master thought that he could go to an art school for college, since he did not get good grades in school but had great artistic talent.

Sydney Recording Studio: Forming the Beatles

Elvis Presley’s explosion onto the rock music scene inspired a 16-year-old Lennon to create the skiffle band called the Quarry Men, named after his school. Lennon met Paul McCartney at a church fete on July 6, 1957. He soon invited McCartney to join the group, and the two eventually formed one of the most successful songwriting partnerships in musical history.

Sydney Recording Studio John Lennon


18 Mar

Recording Studio: Karen Carpenter Part I

Recording Studio: Singer Karen Carpenter started performing with her brother Richard as a teenager. The pair later became world-famous as Carpenters, one of the 1970s biggest soft rock acts. They landed their first number-one hit with “(They Long to Be) Close to You” in 1970. More hits soon followed, including “Rainy Days and Mondays” and “Top of the World.” Carpenter battled anorexia for many years, and the disease contributed to her untimely death in 1983.

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16 Mar

Video Production Sydney: Stephen Spielberg Part II

Video Production Sydney: Spielberg’s poor grades in high school prevented him from entering the University of Southern California (UCLA), but he was accepted at California State College at Long Beach. He graduated in 1970 with a bachelor’s degree in English. Because California State had no formal film program, he frequently went to the movies and saw every film that he could. He also cajoled (flattered and manipulated) his way past the guards at Universal Studios and watched major projects being filmed.

Spielberg continued to make films and prepared a short subject film, Amblin’, which he later entered in the 1969 Atlanta Film Festival. It also won an award at the Venice Film Festival, and got him a seven-year contract at the studio whose gates he used to crash—Universal. Studio executives had been so impressed with Amblin’, a simple story about a boy and girl who hitchhike from the Mojave Desert to the ocean, that they released it with Love Story, a major hit of 1970. Today Spielberg uses the name “Amblin” for his own production company.

Video Production Sydney: Early successes

Spielberg began his career as a professional by directing several episodes of television programs that were being shot at Universal. Included in his work at this time were episodes of Marcus Welby, M.D. and Columbo.

The first movie that Spielberg directed professionally was a made-for-television movie named Duel. It was about a deadly battle of wits between an ordinary man driving a car and a crazed driver of an eighteen-wheeler truck. It was generally regarded as one of the greatest movies ever made for U.S. television. It was released in movie theaters in Europe and Japan as a feature film. It took sixteen days to make and had only cost $350,000 to produce. Its release overseas earned over $5 million and the film earned many awards.

Spielberg was offered many scripts to film after that, but he was not impressed by the quality of the properties that he was offered. He withdrew from the studio mainstream for a year in order to develop a project of his own.

Video Production Sydney: Directing what he wanted

What Spielberg came up with was The Sugarland Express, a drama about a woman who browbeats (forcefully convinces) her husband into breaking out of jail to kidnap their baby from its foster parents. A spectacular car chase happens after the couple steals a police cruiser. The film was a critical success but a commercial failure. Nonetheless, it led to the breakthrough film of Spielberg’s career, the spectacularly successful Jaws (1975).

Despite bringing in Jaws at 100 percent over its $3.5 million budget, Spielberg became Hollywood’s favorite director of the moment when the film grossed over $60 million in its first month. The film was as popular with critics as with the public. Spielberg was now in a position to do whatever he wanted. He embarked on a film whose subject had obsessed him since his childhood.

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13 Mar

Corporate Video Production Sydney: Stephen Spielberg Part I

Corporate Video Production Sydney: Steven Spielberg is one of the wealthiest and most powerful moviemakers in Hollywood. The director of such elaborate fantasies as Close Encounters of the Third Kind and E.T.: The Extra-Terrestrial, he is regarded as a man who understands the pulse of America as it would like to see itself.

Corporate Video Production Sydney: Stephen Spielberg – Early years

Steven Spielberg was born in Cincinnati, Ohio, on December 18, 1947. He was the oldest and the only son of four children. His father, Arnold, was an electrical engineer who worked in what was then the newly emerging field of computers. His mother, Leah, had been a concert pianist.

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Voice Over Sydney: Albanian Language

Voice Over Sydney: The Albanian language (shqip) is spoken by over six million people in the southwestern Balkans, primarily in the Republic of Albania and in the neighbouring countries which once formed part of the Yugoslav federation (Kosova, Macedonia, Montenegro and Serbia). In Albania itself, the language is spoken by the entire population of 3,087,159 inhabitants (census of April 2001), including some bilingual ethnic minorities.

Voice Over Sydney: Albanian in other countries

In Kosovo, where there are as yet no reliable population statistics, Albanian is spoken by almost the entire population of about two million individuals, including some bilingual minorities: Bosniaks, Turks, Croats and Roma. Ethnic Serbs in Kosova (now about five percent of the population) have traditionally refused to learn or speak Albanian, but attitudes may change once traditional hostilities and ethnic tensions subside.

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Recording Studios: Tom Jones Part IV

Recording Studios: Drawing on his extensive musical experience, in 2012 Jones became a judge on the BBC musical-competition reality show The Voice. In May of that year he released the album Spirit in the Room, which included covers of songs by Paul McCartney, Paul Simon and other notable artists. In 2015, he released his 41st studio album Long Lost Suitcase to generally positive reviews. That same year, he published his memoir, Over the Top and Back: The Autobiography.

Controversy arose over Jones’s affiliation with The Voice when he was fired in 2015 and replaced by fellow Brit artist Boy George. Jones was re-hired by the show when it was bought by ITV for a 2017 run, but then faced pushback from viewers who felt his comments about a winning singer’s weight were inappropriate.

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