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stewart havill

Stewart has always been interested in recording from the very early pre-teen days with his mother’s Hanimex portable recorder, dangling the mic down inside a nylon-string acoustic guitar to see how heavy and distorted he could make it.
Fortunately for everybody, technology has moved on and now his weapon of choice is Logic, with a bit of Pro Tools on the side for editing (gotta love that elastic audio). Oh, and Melodyne of course, where would we be without it ?

Since he went professional in 1999 he has had extensive experience with all music genres, and in particular Hip-Hop. Stewart has received the Afro-Australian Music Awards “Best Engineer/Producer” award 3 times running.
Stewart also specialises in editing vocals and instrument backing tracks, to give your material that polished sound.
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Stewart Havill

Stewart Havill


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Borbala (Bobo)

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