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What is Audio Digitisation?

It is a fact that as technology improves old technology can get left behind. In the audio world this has become a common occurrence because the technology that we use to play our favourite music has changed so much and so rapidly, particularly in recent years. Old cassettes, vinyl records, DATs, and other media, no longer have devices that are abundantly available to play back the audio information.

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What is Audio Digitisation

That is where digitisation is required. We use our devices from yesteryear, that have been maintained to play back the older material, and convert the audio material to digital media. This may be as mp3’s, wav files, aiff, or any other requested digital format. This will allow your records to survive into the future as the technology continues to change.

What is Audio Restoration?

Throughout the lifetime of vinyl records, cassette tapes, and other audio media, there is a natural wear-and-tear that occurs. Everything from sun exposure, to superficial scratches, through to oxidation, can occur to the devices that carry the audio information. These detrimental effects can impact the audio playback, and in the worst cases, completely prohibit us from listening to the material.
This is where Audio Restoration is required. It is a unique specialisation in-and-of itself. We use specialised software, like Celemony’s Capstan, to restore audio media back and as close to its original glory, but in the digital realm. There are also other highly specialised pieces of software for different kinds of Audio Restoration.
It is important to understand and note that we do not take your vinyl records, for example, and take away the scratches. Nor do we take 1/4″ analogue audio tape that has been oxidised and provide you with a new tape that is free of oxidisation. Rather, we will restore the material once it has been converted to a digital format. The final product will be a digital file like an mp3, wav, aiff file. These can then be loaded on to a CD or exported to your iTunes library for future listening.

Bad Recordings that require Audio Restoration?

It is common that Crash Symphony Productions is requested to restore recordings that are very problematic, or even inaudible. This may be that they were recorded in noisy environments, or recorded with bad equipment. These recordings can be restored to a more audible quality depending on their specific problems. We will often assess the recordings and provide a comprehensive quote before proceeding with each restoration job.

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If you require further information about Audio Restoration and Digitisation please contact us – +61 408 300 402. This is an area of audio that is becoming increasingly prevalent due to the accelerating changes in audio technology. We are at the forefront of this field and are eager to help you restore your audio recordings.

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