Live Streaming

Live Streaming

Live Streaming

Live Streaming your Vigs from our recording studio – an acoustically controlled audio and video environment with super high-end equipment.

Live Streaming Virtual Gigs – Vigs

Live Streaming is exploding on to the world stage. It is the biggest thing on the internet at the moment. Crash Symphony Productions has taken full advantage of the latest Live Streaming technology- we have the capability to host live gigs for bands online. We will set up the artist with our pristine high-end audio equipment, and combine that audio signal with the latest in video multi-camera equipment. The audio and video signals are then combined through our specialised Live Streaming broadcasting equipment and sent out over the web.

The artist can send out a link for their fanbase to log on at a specific time to view the Virtual Gig (or Vig for short) online. Merchandise can be sold to followers through online stores. The artists can also interact with fans. For example, song requests and encores can be made by viewers that artists can choose to fulfil. This is the way that live music is going in the 21st century.

Artists can also leave the Vig with a full live recording of the event so that they can use it for future merchandise and/or promotional material.

Corporate Webcasting

Live Streaming has also found its place in the corporate sector. Companies can broadcast important meetings to their interstate and international branches. This means more easily reaching board members, shareholders and loyal customers.

We offer offsite webcasting to our business clients. We will bring the Live Streaming rig to you. We also provide lapel, boom, and hand-held microphones for business events.

Why is our Live Streaming Service better than a smartphone?

That’s a good question. The answer lies in the equipment we use. When streaming from an iPhone the user is limited to one single mono audio source and a single video feed. When we stream we are able to setup multiple cameras and seamlessly switch between them. We are able to setup many different microphones. A band will require many microphones to get the best sound. A typical rock band will need microphones on the drums, guitar amps, and vocals. We can then process these signals with our high-end audio equipment and merge them into one stereo file. This file is then paired up with our video signals and sent to a webcasting unit. This unit then sends out the signal via the chosen online platform. Essentially, we have maximum capability for the number of microphones and cameras that can be used to fully capture the show. We can also take care of the online platform for you.