Audiobook: Winter Traffic by Stephen Greenall

This past month, Crash Symphony Productions have been busy adapting Winter Traffic, the debut novel by Stephen Greenall, winner of the 2014 NSW Writers Centre Varuna Fellowship, and published by Text Publishing, as an audiobook. The novel is a sprawling, epic tale of corruption, murder and the nature of justice. Deeply poetic and lyrical, it is also brutal, dark and at times very funny. It is set in harbour-side Sydney around the year of 1993. The central character of the book is Rawson, a hero-cop who’s since fallen from grace: a giant in frame and character.
The particular challenges we faced in adapting this book into the format of an audiobook were its non-linear form and unconventional writing style. We had to make sure to find a narrator who had a sense of the poetic nature of the writing, and who could bring it to life with conviction and confidence. We also had to find someone who was confident in French and Latin and could pronounce the abundant references to Greek Mythology.
The book is currently available as an ebook from Amazon KindleApple iBooks, Booktopia, eBooks.comGoogle, and Kobo.

Blurb for Audiobook from Text Publishing