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Our professional Music Producers at Crash Symphony Productions can help you bring your sound production to life. If you’re looking to record a song, EP, or a full-length album and need help with musical composition, industry-standard mixing or sourcing the right sound engineering equipment, our team of audio engineers and music producers at Crash Symphony Productions can assist you with your project management and sound production needs.

Our music producers have created hundreds of songs, albums, and EP’s in their many decades of career experience working with some of the best in the music business, big-name Australian artists like pop singer Alex Gibson (Finalist of The Voice) and hip hop artists OneFour.

There are numerous ways our music producers approach music production. For example, it can be a short recording session with a vocalist. Or it can be a complex choir arrangement backed by a symphony orchestra. A single vocalist will require more guidance from their music producer but less pre-production planning due to their simple set up. On the other hand, an ensemble will need more pre-production planning from its music producer, as more people and instruments are involved in the recording session.


Before we get to work, we like to meet our clients in our recording studio in Sydney to discuss your music production details before recording sessions are underway. This is very important, as you will meet record producers to discuss your artistic vision for your music production. Record producers and music producers are in charge of project management for music productions. They organise everything from musicians needed, to rehearsal schedules, as well as a marketing plans for your music and a time frame, all based on your budget.

When you have a music producer who knows how to properly manage your recording sessions, you will save more time and money on your project as you will require less studio time. In addition, the musicians will know what they are playing, and less time will be spent on editing and mixing errors in the performance.

If you would like specific instruments in your sound production but don’t know how to play them, we have options available for you.

We can organise a musician of your particular style to come into a recording session for your music production. Our music producers; James Englund and Stewart Havill, are skilled musicians themselves. Stewart Havill has played the piano and drums for over 30 years in numerous bands. James Englund plays guitar, bass, drums, piano, saxophone and is a professional singer.

James Englund and Stewart Havill have decades of experience in music production project management. They are confident in their abilities to help you with the complex decisions needed in the process of music production.

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This process is different for every artist. Please contact James Englund on 0408 300 402 or for a free studio consultation to discuss your music production in detail today.

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