Electric Guitars

Awesome Facts about Electric Guitars


Electric guitars have been around for decades. Almost every musical genre incorporates the use of this instrument. Undoubtedly, it is one of the most diverse instruments. Even though modern day guitars have evolved over the years, they share the same characteristics of their predecessors. Let’s look at some awesome facts about electric guitars:


History of Electric Guitars


Electric guitars are often perceived to be a modern invention. In fact, electric guitars have been around for decades. The first ever electric guitar was invented in 1931. The guitar was invented by George Beauchamp. He did not just invent the electric guitar. Beauchamp was actually a musical instrument inventor. There are many other instruments he invented. He was also the co-founder of the NSIC (National Stringed Instrument Corporation). Moreover, he was the co-founder of a famous guitar company called Rickenbacker.


Famous Guitars


Over the decades, there have been many guitars that gained fame. These guitars were especially popular amongst famous musicians. However, this is not the only reason they were famous. These guitars stretched the boundaries of the instrument. One of the most famous electric guitars of all time was manufactured by Gibson. The Les Paul series is undoubtedly one of the finest guitars ever made. This guitar series was designed by a musician, Les Paul. He was also a guitar experimenter who introduced many innovative features to the early electric guitar.


Sounds Produced By an Electric Guitar


There are many musical instruments available nowadays. However, the most diverse instrument is the electric guitar. It is one of the few instruments which are capable of producing a variety of sounds with merely six strings. Of course, nowadays electric guitars are not limited to six strings as there are many other variants available. But being able to produce a variety of sounds with the least possible electronic aid is commendable. The electric guitar can be incorporated into almost any musical genre due to it being able to produce various sounds.


Variations to Design


Over the decades, there have been many tweaks to electric guitars. The early electric guitar resembled the modern day acoustic. But as musicians and inventors kept using these guitars, they came up with new designs for the guitar. At times, the electric guitar design does not affect the sound it produces. But some special designs are specifically devised to produce a unique sound. Today, there are many types of electric guitars a musician can choose from. The preference of the musician entirely depends on the type of sound they prefer.
Hollow body electric guitars are commonly used for classical music, while solid one body guitars are used by metal, jazz and blues musicians. These two guitar designs are a perfect example of how design affects the sound. The hollow body electric guitar has almost the same sound as an acoustic, but can be connected to the amplifier. The sound variations in this guitar are limited. The solid one body guitar on the other hand has the ability to sustain a single note for longer and the tone is crisp.
You must have seen guitars being used by your favourite musicians. But now you also know a few interesting facts about this amazing instrument.