Mariachi music

Mariachi music is central to the cultural unity of Mexican music. It is used for weddings. Funerals also use mariachi music. The style ranges from jubilant to downright melancholic. Basically a mariachi band is a group of talented and experienced musicians  who wear charro suits. Usually there are 4 musicians in the band. Tradition states that this enigmatic music began in the state of Jalisco.  More specifically, it is said to have been birthed in the little pueblo of Cocula, close to Guadalajara.

The other states of western Mexico can certainly take credit for its evolution also. The music was by no means static and was moved from place to place. It gradually took on its unique characteristics. Mariachi now has a wide audience all through Mexico and up into the southern stats of the USA. It is the stereotypical cornerstone of Mexican imagery. From movies to novels and various other cultural platforms. Mariachi music makes its impact quit firmly accross the arts.

Whats in a name?

 The French came to mexico in the 1860s. Various musical historians have pointed out that the word was well and truly in circulation before this period of time. In addition, it is uncertain if this was an adaptation. Some writers have claimed that it came from the local language Coca. The type of wood used to construct stages is a factor. Yes, it refers to the actual platform on which the musicians stand. Not the music itself. This also is a questionable theory but at this point you can take your pick!

You can listen to mariachi music anywhere.

One can here  mariachi music in just about any place in Mexico. Having said that, there are two places where you are sure to find it wafting over the air.  These places are: The Plaza de los Mariachis in Guadalajara. Plaza Garibaldi in Mexico City. Here you can browse the various freelance musicians and bands. Similarly they hire themselves out at highly competetive prices. Like all musical styles, those with extra training and prowess are more expensive. Furthermore for a really authentic experience, be sure to take plenty of cash. They will perform at literally any occasion. Above all, they have such a large selection of songs to choose from that it is difficult to stump them. By example if you finished building a house recently, they would find appropriate tunes to play for a great celebration.

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Specific Mariachi Hits

A great way to impress a girl is to hire a small Mariachi band for an hour or two. Therefore, to sound very cultured and in the know, be sure to request a few of the following hits:

  • Si nos dejan
  • La media vuelta
  • Volver, volver
  • Que bonita es mi tierra
  • El rey
  • Historia de un amor
  • El Jarabe Tapatío

In conclusion, even the international organisation UNESCO included it in the Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity in 2011. The official statement accompanying its induction says: “Mariachi music transmits values of respect for the natural heritage of the regions of Mexico. It is part of local history in the Spanish language and the different Indian languages of Western Mexico.”

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