Recording Studio iPad

Recording Studio iPad

Recording Studio iPad use is becoming more common at Crash Symphony Productions. We have discovered the extensive uses of the iPad in the sound booth. We will highlight a few in this article on our Recording Studio iPad use.

iPad to view scripts during Voiceover recording

iPad use in the sound booth has made editing speech immensely easier. No longer do we need to provide the voiceover talent with paper scripts. Instead, we simply download the PDF to our iPad and place it on the iPad stand. This completely eliminated any page turning noise that would inevitably get on to our recordings. Money is then saved by our clients because our editing speed is increased and we can turn the product around faster. Furthermore, the voiceover talent can resize the screen and vary the brightness to their own preference. Also, placing the iPad on the stand means that the voiceover talent does not need to hold the script anymore. Their arms no longer get tired. We can also position the iPad closer to the microphones position. This means that the talent does not need to move their vocal projection around while reading the script. The iPad screen and mic are in close angular proximity. This leads to a clear, more present and higher quality recording for our client.

Crash Symphony Productions iPad

This is a typical setup during a Crash Symphony Productions voiceover session. Here you can see how we use the iPad in a voice session.

iPads can also be used to control our DAW from within the sound booth. Usually our engineers need to be in the control room to press the record button. No more! Now, the key features on the DAW can be controlled from within the booth. This is higher beneficial to increased efficiency in production whether our engineer may also be the performer. This is common on a lot of productions where we are recording music for other people.
iPads can also be used to control critical programs within the DAW. These are programs where tactile interaction leads to a better result. For example, using EQ through the use of the touch features on the iPad. This is a lot better than using a mouse.
iPads are fast becoming a key element within the recording studio. Our role as studio operators is to continually look for opportunities to make the process faster, more efficient and remain highly competitive in the market place by passing the saving on to our clients. iPads allow our recording studio to achieve a high quality result much faster for our clients.
Take a look at another iPad in some recording studio action.