Recording Studio Mac Wizard!

Recording Studio Mac Wizard!

Our Recording Studio, Crash Symphony Productions, has been extremely lucky to be contacted by the Francis Misfud, Mac Wizard. Francis runs his business called Mac Wizard. It turns out that Francis has been able to offer us a lot more than just his skills in Mac repairs, maintenance and general expertise. He’s an all-round technical wizard and a really lovely guy. Here’s some of the cool things that Francis has done for our recording studio.

recording studio

Francis Misfud, AKA Mac Wizard. The guy who keeps our recording studio at the cutting edge of technology.

QNAP Recording Studio Backup / Archiving system Installation and setup

Francis installed and setup a state-of-the-art backup system that will hold all the data of past projects. The capacity of the system is huge. It’s 12TB in capacity and should last the recording studio for years to come. It’s important for our recording studio. We back up all projects. It’s common for clients to come back years later and request old projects to be reworked.

Recording studio lighting system

Thanks to Francis we now have an amazing interior lighting system. The technology is from Phillips Hue. The globes are controlled by an app that is operated from our iPhones and the studio iPad. This is incredible. Our engineers now have the luxury to vary the luminosity and colour of the globes. We can group different globes to work together and also do endless cool tricks. This has been amazing for setting the mood in the recording studio while projects are being created. Thanks Francis for providing better lighting conditions for our producers.

Remote On / off switches

This seems simple, but it has been a serious improvement to our setup. We can now turn on the entire studio from buttons that have been installed on the studio desk. Previously, our engineers needed to go to the box outside that housed all the important computer and DAC units to turn them on. We have them outside to keep fan noise out of the studio and the interior heat down. Now our producers can turn on the recording studio faster, easier, and get to work done on projects quicker. Thank you Mac Wizard.
The truth is that we can’t list all the great things that Francis has done for us. There’s been too many things in such a short period of time. So we are going to dedicate a few blog posts to his business and what he has done for our us. We recommend him extremely highly to any business that needs technical help and, of course, mac servicing.