Recording Studio: Prince the musical genius

Born Prince Rogers Nelson in 1958, Prince became a driving force in the pop scene in the 1980’s and went on to become a recording studio legend. His interest in music began early in life and 1978 he released his debut album For You at just 17 years old.  This was quickly followed up in 1979 with his platinum sophomore release Prince.  From there his success continued with his next three albums and the release of the major motion picture Purple Rain and accompanying soundtrack.  Prince was giving even Michael Jackson a run for airtime on MTV and his controversial lyrics and erotic live show continued to keep him in the spotlight.  Prince played all 27 instruments on his debut recording studio album as well as writing and producing the entire thing (the song “Soft and Wet” was co-written by Moon) himself.  Besides his multi-instrumental talent, he is also has produced artists such as Sheila E., Carmen Electra, The Time, and Vanity 6 in the recording studio.  Throughout his career he has been controversial and enigmatic, from pushing the boundaries of public decency to changing his name to a symbol; Prince has kept himself in the public eye despite a slump in album sales in the mid 1990’s.

Recording Studio: Prince one of the best live performers of all time

This behavior combined with his flamboyancy is what first comes to mind for the general populace when Prince’s name is mentioned, along with the melody to “Little Red Corvette”.  What isn’t always apparent to the mass public is his astonishing instrumental talent.  He can play practically any instrument with style and does most of the writing, arranging, and recording of every instrument on his albums.  But we aren’t interested in all the instruments he plays now are we?  We’re guitarists and as such, we are interested in his guitar playing and his gear.  One thing that is overlooked in lieu of his eccentric behavior and odd looking custom guitars is just how well the guy can rock an ax!  Don’t believe me?  Check out this all-star performance at his induction into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame:

Recording Studio Prince