Recording Studios In Beautiful Locations

Recording Studios are usually dark and closed in spaces.  They have to be in order for them to be isolated from noise.  It is a great thing though when you can open the door to the recording studio and you are in a beautiful location.
There are two such recording studios that I have come across that are shining examples of recording studios that are in a beautiful location.  Crash Symphony Productions and Peter Gabriel’s Real World Studios.

Benefits of having Recording Studios in Beautiful Locations.

The Real World Studios website says it all about the benefits of having Recording Studios in Beautiful locations.
“Real World Studios was conceived by Peter Gabriel and designed to offer an environment that is sympathetic to the creation of music using state of the art technology to capture the performance.
A two hundred year old water mill surrounded by extensive gardens provides a setting that is truly inspirational. Located in some of the most stunning countryside in Wiltshire the site is easily accessible from London and other cities by rail or road. The result is a studio complex that embraces the natural environment of light and water and an atmosphere that is far removed from the claustrophobic confines of other recording studios.”
Having the best equipment and engineers in a beautiful location is the perfect combination for the creation of music.
Here is Sydney we have a similar setup at Crash Symphony.  State of the art equipment, one of the best Sound Engineers in Australia, James Englund and an incredible location overlooking Sydney Harbour.
Working at Crash Symphony for me has been a pleasure.  It is a fantastic friendly environment and after hours in front of the screen I can step outside into a magnificent garden overlooking Sydney Harbour and the Sydney City Skyline.

Peter Gabriel’s Real World Studios