Recording Studios Sydney Alex Jennings

We welcome English Actor Alex Jennings to Crash Symphony Recording Studios Sydney. On behalf of Macmillan Publishing in the UK we are teaming up with Alex Jennings and acclaimed audiobook producer, Mary Price, to record ‘This Was A Man’ by Jeffrey Archer. This audiobook is being recorded to coincide with the book release of ‘This Was A Man’ on November 3, 2016. It’s a serious production for Crash Symphony Recording Studios Sydney and it has involved our engineers working closely with editors in New York, producers in London, and our team here in Sydney. This is all possible because of the internet and our ability to stream our recording sessions to our colleagues overseas.
Our engineer, Andrew Denniston, has been doing a superlative job in recording Alex and working with producer, Mary Price, to create a premium audiobook. Let’s just say that nothing is slipping under the radar!
Whilst Alex Jennings is Sydney he is also acting in ‘My Fair Lady‘ at the Opera House. This production is being directed by Julie Andrews and is well worth a watch for those who enjoy musical theatre.

Vocal Recording

Crash Symphony Recording Studios Sydney Specialise in vocal recordings. There are many types of recordings that fall under this banning: Audiobooks, TV commercials, education material, podcasts, and of course, music recordings. Audiobooks are particularly challenging because they are extremely long recordings and involve marathon reading sessions from the narrators and engineers. Crash Symphony Recording Studios Sydney employ specific techniques to optimise the process of recording audiobooks, like This Was A Man. Noise gating, moderate compression, microphone positioning, deadened and isolated acoustic sound booths are all part of the library of tools we use to keep the cost down and the quality high. All our engineers are experts at recording vocals. For more information please visit us at our Recording Studios Sydney.