Recording Studios Sydney: Equipment Review: Boss VE-20 Vocal Processor

Recording Studios Sydney – Crash Symphony Productions has given me the opportunity to work with a wide range of amazing equipment.  Our Recording Studios Sydney have the best equipment money can buy.
Outside of Recording Studios Sydney, I am building up my own kit of equipment.  Especially for live performance.  Recently while performing my Sound Healing a fellow performer “Sika” told me ” You should get a Boss Vocal Performer.  It would be great for what you do.
So after Christmas I bought one and It certainly did not disappoint.

Recording Studios Sydney: Boss VE-20 Vocal Performer

The VE-20 is a cute compact little red unit.  Like many Boss pedals in the Sydney Recording Studios it is simple and user friendly.  Within minutes I had worked out how it functioned.  It has all of the basics like Reverb and Delay.  These are beautiful lush and smooth reverb and delays and you can create any effect very professionally like a Plate or a room or even a Sydney Recording Studio!  I played for hours with the Cathedral reverb and a delay that complimented it well.  Since I am a Sound Healer it is about that big spacious sound.
With the most important items of reverb and delay ticked off there is a myriad of other functions.
I was able to keep my 6 year old twins amused for hours with the “Robot” sound.  So if you are looking for a way to entertain your kids that is an added bonus 🙂
I enjoyed playing with the harmonies and voice doubling.  There is even a “Gender” option that can make a male voice sound like a female voice.  The VE-20 pulls this off pretty darn well actually.  I had an octive+ harmony panned out far left and changed to the female gender.  It sounded so real like a female voice was singing along with me.  So real in fact that I freaked my wife out completely and she may have even had nightmares that night!
Oh well that is my short review of the VE-20.  Buy one and have a play.  It is a great pedal.
Recording Studios Sydney Boss VE-20