Recording Studios Sydney: History of Bossa Nova III

Recording Studios Sydney: However, despite the commercial success of the genre locally and abroad, bossa nova’s dominance in pop culture would soon be challenged at home and in North America by shifts in both societys.

Recording Studios Sydney: Bossa Nova during the Military Dictatorship

The hopeful years under President Kubitschek would be consequently followed by a period of military dictatorship. Censorship would soon become a serious issue for all artist and musicians were no different. Some fled the nation and the ones that stayed were drawn to write music fuelled by the economic and social strife brought on by the drastic change in political ideology. Bossa Nova’s dreamy themes of dreamy beaches and beautiful women would soon be viewed as being out-of-step with the reality of the country.

Recording Studios Sydney: MPB

Música Populara Brasileira, popularly known as MPB, would soon replace bossa nova as the music of the masses. It’s politically fuelled lyricism and rebellious sound was more in tune with the feeling amongst the disenfranchised of the time.
Around the same time In North America, English Rock with popular acts such as the Beatles would usher in a new craze and bossa nova would soon be notably absent on the charts. As in Brazil, the themes were becoming out-of style. Bossa Nova would never again command such commercial success abroad or even in Brazil but still the music would live on.
Recording Studios Sydney:  Bossa Nova has become an essential source of inspiration for countless Jazz musicians and artists from various genres. Whether it be the tranquil sounds of Lounge music or the more energetic fusion of electronic and bossa nova music, that was en vogue during the turn of the century, bossa nova still influences musicians across the world. With a new generation of contemporary artists such as Bebel Gilberto, Fabiana Passoni, Sitti Navarro and a world-wide audience in the millions bossa nova looks set to continue to be the grand creative force it has always been; even if it exerts this influence in a subtle and calm way.